Project Lincon will either rejoice at their new ally or wish that they had done this ad themselves. It’s spot on, attacking Donald Trump at his weak spot, his insecurity. Ron DeSantis and Trump are not the pals they used to be and this is why: Ron won’t say the magic words to Donald and bend the knee.


As stated here before, I expect DeSantis to bend the knee any minute, unless he knows something that we don’t. Maybe he’s got a sense of the GOP not being all that enthralled to Trump anymore, and he thinks that he can take the helm.

Let’s hope he’s thinking that way. Because with these two fighting with one another, they might just cancel each other out.

Bear in mind with DeSantis, that he lives in a bubble. He listens mainly to his wife and nobody else. And with all due respect to her, if she’s as ill as we understand her to be and so close to all of this turmoil between her husband and Trump, she may not be the most objective source of guidance.

Let’s see what happens. DeSantis and wife may be staging their own reprisal of Macbeth, Republican style, and Trump has the legal hounds of hell chasing him and they’re so close now they’re nipping at his heels. Add to that the fact that his once loyal servant Stephanie Grisham has gone rogue and sold him out and the January 6 Committee is subpoenaing more and more people all the time.

And then Ivanka is MIA. Anybody seen Ivanka lately? Oh how sharper than a serpent’s tooth is that, Donald?

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  1. How’s this working out for the Donald, involving his children in his administration? Not well, I’m sure; not only for him, but his children also. It’s time to pay the piper, and I don’t think one of the most evil and mentally ill men in our country is going to hold up that well. I believe he and his family came to think of themselves as royalty, that they could do anything and not face consequences. He even thinks his children shouldn’t have to testify in NY, even, which has nothing to do with him being potus. He provided the means for their living, now he doesn’t think they should have to testify in any form, anywhere?


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