Ethan Schmidt, an anti-LBGTQ activist and supporter of Trumped-up ARizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake, who has her own issues with the pride community, was unceremoniously kicked the fuck out of a PetSmart today after he demanded that the manager take down a franchise supported pride flag, saying it promotes the sexual exploitation of children.

What an asshole…

Luckily, Twitter knows how to deal with assholes




Hey, Kari, you might want to come get your idiot… he’s costing you votes.

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  1. Thanks Ethan for the powerful case you make for birth control. Unfortunately, your parents failed in that regard. They also failed in that you became an ignorant, shallow, arrogant cult member, with a thin veneer of religious hypocrisy that would make the Pharasees proud.

  2. That mustache sure looks gay to me. Denial can be a powerful motivator.

    He doesn’t have a girlfriend?

    You don’t say?


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