This is great. Comedienne Blaire Erskine did a wonderful parody of a Ted Cruz spokesperson. It’s just just the right touch of sanctimony. This is a woman who could take over for Hucky Boo Boo Sanders or Kayleigh McEnany at the podium in the White House briefing room.

Now the comedy is one thing, but the reaction was something else.

It doesn’t speak well for either Cruz nor Texas Republicans that this could be thought to be real. But on the other hand, we have listened to things said on a daily basis that are so far out there that they boggle the mind and they’re real, so we’re conditioned for this. What is odd about Cruz “needing an eat, love, pray day like everybody else?” It sounds very normal.

I can’t wait to see this woman do one for Louie Gohmert. Or Matt Gaetz. Or Jim Jordan. That ought to be something, too.

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    • Well, Rush Limbaugh is gone and I feel just fine knowing that he won’t be spewing any more of his vile utterings into the airwaves. As for a list of others that I wish would STFU, go away and never let us hear from them again Ted Cruz would be near the top of the list. Very near to the top!

  1. Teddy Don’t be sad. Be glad, not mad. I’ve got one of my condos in Trump Towers II WAITING for you in Hell. It’s my personal fav. The Hypocrite Suite. Satan says your personal party night where the demons all get a turn is on Sundays. Probably bcuz of all that fake religious crap you spewed. Enjoy. Lindsey is next door. Expect to see him Tuesday’s in the steamroom. That’s his special day. Donald the Golden God, the bestest, biggest, toughest, richest tyrant in Hell. Er, other than Satan.


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