I am almost too exhausted to move my fingers over the keys and let my brain form words about this imbecile dreaming his impossible dream, but what the hell. Let’s do the time warp again. Let’s listen to Mike Lindell rave one more time about how he’s got the goods, signed, sealed, delivered, they’re yours.

Lucy and the football has nothing on this man.  So suit up everybody, time to play Charlie Brown.

And I especially love how he calls out the journalists, “you know who you are, who write these stories.” Yes, Mike, I do. Yersoola is here, not to worry. You can always count on Uzilla to amplify your latest idiocy. It’s a sickness I have.

Now that that’s over, who wants to start? Anybody know WTF he’s talking about with “the first preliminary injunction in the country?” What is he seeking to enjoin? Oh, that’s right, no details. We have to sit on tenterhooks until Thursday, when voila, all will be revealed and the country and the world will be shocked, I tell you, shocked.

But he’s got to do this. He shows up at all the Trump rallies around the country and talks this crazy talk and the MAGAs love it. Got to keep ’em juiced and buying pillows. I don’t know what will happen Thursday but even if it’s a blank screen it will have a 60% promo code attached.


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  1. He knows what’s inside the ‘machines’?

    One thing inside the Dominion computers is a massive claim for libel and slander (he managed to pull off both).

    Maybe his spiritualist got a line open to Chavez

  2. Oh “Erzulu” you really must be exhausted. You overlooked four key words in his twitter – specifically “if everything goes right.” I’m not saying he won’t wind up FINALLY revealing all the “truth” to all of us poor misguided sheeple but you can’t seriously believe this is all the buildup he’s got in him. Much as I’d like to be proven wrong and tomorrow he will put out another pile of rotting garbage that will make barely a blip on the radar – the most notable of which will be found via the monologues of the late night talk show hosts he’s going to want to hype this with a helluva lot more than one day’s worth of promo. I saw an Andy Griffith rerun the other day, and when it comes to Lindell ole Barney Fife and his “this is big, BIG, BIG – THE BIGGEST THING EVER” schtick would make Deputy Fife seem like he was tanked on Quaaludes. Frankly, when it comes to Lindell it reminds be of the old joke about “fugly” strippers (which can be male as well as female) teasing the audience with “You want me to take it off?” and them imploring him to “Leave it on!”

    • I watch most hearings there was enough evidence to have had it looked at at least with affidavits are no longer good one way to find the truth is Joe Biden take a lie detector test live on tv about election fraud the supreme court is who I blame they should have at least looked to me that’s a red flag it could have been done and over with but glad they didn’t because it needed forensics done I don’t believe Joe back den won I think americs government is corrupt I thing Biden is full of corruption as bad as Putin if not worse I was a democrate for 48 yrs not a republican either I am a patriot but if I had a million dollars to bet I say election is rigged I do not trust are elections service anything anything can be hacked the process of electioning a president must change they need time to run forinsics firsttocheck for hacking IDO N o t TRUST are government

      • Since I can’t unlearn my education, or at least regress back to pre-kindergarten (yes, I learned some reading and writing/spelling before I was five) it took me a an extra read-through to decipher your missive. Oops, that might be a word you don’t know – let’s go with what you said to me. Somewhere along the line you either forgot or never learned sentence structure. Or punctuation. Or spelling. For damned sure you didn’t learn how to coherently (oops again – clearly and in a way that makes sense to other people) to write. The scary thing is that you have an email account and access to the internet, and that you are of voting age. Sadly you are wrong and given what you wrote don’t have a clue on how to process information to sort out what is true and what is bullshit. Like I said, I’d be entertained by your post if it weren’t for the fact that you can vote.

        My suggestion is to find a church. NOT some “Evangelical” KKKristian one but one of those Ecumenical (they welcome everyone regardless of what church you were raised in) or perhaps a mainstream Catholic church with an adult education program that will teach you basic writing and reading skills. In the course of the reading part of that you might learn a bit about logic, and how to determine fact from fiction. Unless you are and want to remain willfully ignorant (that means you WANT to stay stupid and clueless) I suggest you get on that right away. Probably too late to figure out who are the best candidates for the various offices to vote for in your state’s primary, but maybe by general election time you’ll be able to make an actual informed choice.

  3. Someone please get him a few months in a nice quiet facility where he can get off whatever he’s using and get the help he needs.

  4. You’ve got to wonder how he can continue this months-long campaign he’s been waging with the advertising to sell his crappy pillows (and other assorted garbage–who knew the moron had been making SLIPPERS! and yet, he’s got folks in the commercials talking about how they’re the absolute greatest slippers they’ve ever worn) at such incredibly reduced rates? I mean, if he’s able to sell his pillows for 60 to 67% below their “usual” retail price, how much markup has he been making on the pillows so that he’s not losing his shirt on every sale (and how much markup is he still clearing with the reduced pricing)?

    I mean, as I noted, he’s been hawking these reduced prices for months now (maybe close to a year by now, even) but, surely, the price to make them hasn’t gone down over this time frame (most every other product on the market has increased in price over the past year–even most typical “loss leaders”). If he’s able to take a pillow that he’s been selling for the regular price of $69.99 and he’s turning around now and saying people can buy the same pillows for $29.99 (even WITH a special “promo code”), how much does it actually cost him to make the pillows in the first place? And his current batch of commercials has him whining about how he’s being “cancelled” by major retailers and banks so are his employees still churning out these things at the same rate as before or is all the stuff he’s currently selling just stuff that’s been in his warehouse/s all this time?

  5. You want to know what will shock this country? Him having ANYTHING relevant to say. That would shock the shit out of us. If he uttered anything truthful-that would shock us out of the last 10 years of our lives. If he had something intelligent to impart to the country-that would likely cause 1/2 to 3/4’s of the citizenry to drop dead from C.A.’s due to the shock.

    I don’t know how you even set your eyes on anything having to do with this mental midget Ursula but I sure am glad it is you parsing through his drivel and not me.


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