Holy backfire, Batman! Donald Trump purposefully announced his run for president in 2024 early — against the advice of all his aides — in order to preempt the field. In his mind, he was going to announce, everybody else would drop away, and he would soar onto the nomination and victory. Think of a rocket ship at Cape Canaveral, where the scaffolding falls to the side and the ship blasts into space and glory, leaving the world (and lawsuits) behind. That was Trump’s image.

Except it hasn’t happened that way. Nobody has dropped to the side. Not even Nikki Haley and that just goes to show you how weird things have gotten.

But the most unexpected twist of all of this, at least in Trump’s mind, is that somehow Ye, formerly Kanye West, has put together his own run for president. The two of them exchanged views on this over dinner at Mar-a-Lago — if you want to characterize screaming at Ye how he would lose and calling his ex-wife filthy names, exchanging views. Where is Eddie Murphy? I think this material is right up his alley.

Trump invited Ye down to Mar-a-Lago a while ago so that they could discuss social media. At that time, Ye was taking over Parler and Trump may be looking for some kind of consolidation with Parler or Rumble in the near future if Truth Social goes down the tubes.

In a securities filing Monday, Digital World Acquisition Company said there was “substantial doubt” about its ability to continue as a “going concern.” That said, evidently 65% of the shareholders voted on Tuesday to approve an extension of the deadline to merge DWAC with Truth Social until September, 2023. So whether that means that Trump Media & Technology Group president Patrick Orlando will continue to fund Truth Social out of his own pocket for the next ten months, or if criminal investigations and other problems shut down the site before then, is not known.

If Trump had any plans to do business with Ye, it probably was along those lines and then the announcement of the 2024 run comes up?

Great. Now the GOP has got two mentally ill celebrities running for the top spot on the ticket. Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis is playing it cool and GOP mega donors are looking his way fondly, as they dip their pens into their ink wells.

And don’t forget, there’s always Mike Lindell, who may end up running the RNC.

Elect Lindell to chair the national committee and let Rick Scott handle all the money. Smashing notion. Simply capital. Pip pip. Tally ho.

[Photo: Andrew Harrar, Getty Images]


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  1. My son told me yesterday, that he saw something where Ye announced his run for president again and wanted Trump to be his running mate. I found this greatly amusing. LOL

    • I don’t know what this politics as entertainment bit is. Yes, we have always had political theater. But this celebrity grift aspect is horrifying. If there is one thing the four years of Trump, which felt like 15, taught is, it was that.


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