I consider myself articulate but I’ll tell you something: I lack the words to say how much I hate Lauren Boebert. She is a cancerous tumor on the body politic. She beggars description.

She mistakes being snide, uncouth and stupid for being some kind of new age Christian hip. She’s no hipster, she’s a loser who defiles the name of the Christ she purports to worship. Her brand of “Christianity” is a cheap imitation, bearing as much resemblance to the real thing as a bottle of Night Train bears to fine wine.

Boebert is trash. She has no idea where the lines are drawn. Watch this and tell me if I’m overreacting.

Isn’t she quite the wit? The lobotomized Dorothy Parker of right-wingnuttia. A thrice-failed GED taker.

I’ve shared before that I grew up in Colorado. Granted, I left in 1978 and the world has changed everywhere since then. But I cannot see the people of Colorado wanting to be identified with this level of stupidity and classlessness.

Colorado loves its identification with Rocky Mountain high and a supposedly better way of life to be had there. If they keep Boebert around it means they’ve abandoned Rocky Mountain high for Tobacco Road low, ignorance and gun fetishism.

I can’t see it. I think that Colorado will vote her out and I certainly pray that I’m right. If I’m wrong, then Colorado has absolutely morphed into someplace I wouldn’t recognize, much less want to live.

June 28 is the primary. Let’s see if the stupid redneck survives. May her political days be done and somebody competent take her office.


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  1. I Thought Tipton was a sellout- then we got Boebert. I only hope those in my district 03 are smart enough to get rid of the corporate suckups and elect a Dem this time. The problem I am having is district 03 CO Dems are so far very invisible when it comes down to running in this race.

    • Tipton was just a normal Republican. In the Beforetimes. Before Reagan. Before Newt. Certainly Before Mitch. and the Putin/Trump team.

      The problem with CO Dems is that they say they have “no control over who runs” for an office in CO. I do not know why they say this but if it is true it explains how Republicans get elected in CO. Doug Lambert is elected because he gets Colorado Springs (who enabled a guy to shoot up a Planned Parenthood CLinic) faux conservative voters. Boebert got elected because they ran a wild-haired Boulder hippie female in a district possibly more rabidly antidemocratic than Colorado Springs. It was a stupid thing to do but Dems take no responsibility for it; thus it will not change. (And, btw, their truly awful and inappropriate candidate came really close to beating Boebert. I’m not sure about the redrawn district lines. I know they give away one seat to the GOP now.)

  2. She’s in line with the RWNJ preachers, who hate everyone who isn’t following their particular set of rules (whatever any given one preaches, and no two sets are the same).

  3. Hey. I live in Tobacco Road a few miles from the oldest state university, UNC. Down the road is Durham/Duke University. Orange & Durham counties always go Democrat. We also had one of the highest vaccination rates. Our congress reps are great. Maybe Colorado is jacked with everyone either living in a ditch or on a brushpile(I’ve traveled the state & camped above the treeline), but no need to misrepresent Tobacco Road. That woman would stand no chance here.

    • Isn’t that ironic? The real Tobacco Road has more awareness than the so called Rocky Mountain higher consciousness place. I went to college in Boulder in the 70’s. Believe me, there were people in Boulder who thought that the town had exactly that, a higher consciousness of reality than mere mortal people. There is no way in Hell that anybody can connect Lauren Boebert with anything of normal decency, let alone higher consciousness.

      • Much of Bobo the Clown’s district is out on the plains and in no way can be considered any kind of high unless they be higher than cooter brown: you know, what with pot being legal and all.

        Boulder’s reputation was overblown and they still haven’t gotten over themselves.

  4. By the way Maya Angelo taught at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem. Another fine university on Tobacco Road on the western side where I grew up. There’s more diversity on Tobacco Road than in Colorado from what I’ve seen. Cary, near Raleigh has an Indian community of 25,000 people, one of the largest in the US. Don’t believe the propaganda about ‘Tobacco Road’. I wouldn’t move to Colorado if paid to do so.

    • I’ll tell you the truth, it was not the “paradise” it was purported to be. Some people buy into a vision of a state which isn’t real. I had a friend who grew up in Hawaii and she had something similar going on, people would say, “Oh, it must have been so wonderful.” Not necessarily. Paradise is something you need to sell to the tourtists.

      You couldn’t pay me to move back to the Denver Boulder area right now, with this going on, that much I can tell you.

      • Maybe if Hunter S. Thompson had gotten elected as sheriff on the Mescaline ticket in the Aspen area, I could have tried it. Ha.

      • The Denver/Boulder area is the only area guaranteed to vote blue. Pat Schroeder. Diana de Gette. Joe Neguse. Jason Crow, my personal favorite. The I-25 corridor, with the exception of CO Springs, is pretty blue. Ft. Collins is a college town. Like Durango in the SW corner. The vast in-between of plains and mountains is farm and ranch land and truly conservative and they voted for insanity in 2016. They usually are all red. But they are not the population centers.

        The census redistricting has changed the character of several of them and not to the benefit of Dems. But there are also conservative Dems, like Ken Salazar, out there. I live in a deep red county but there are blue votes in statewide elections (no blue primary here). We now have four Dems and three GOPs; redistricting will probably, sadly, reverse that to four GOPs (Ed Perlmutter is retiring ) unless Boebert is defeated (and she is not liked). I would also like to see Ken Buck sent home as he is a huge embarrassment as well; he just isn’t cutesy so he doesn’t get as much air time; he is also smarter, a DA in his former life who just acts stupid.

        There are no blue and red states. Every state is purple. Like every district.
        But folks, blame the Democrats for never getting the job done, for not being organized or intelligent about winning races, about being arrogant that their best intentions and obscure policy platforms will win elections.

      • I still remember the Brown Cloud of Denver. Place was, and still is, a polluted poop hole. I attended D.U. back in the early 2000’s. On the weekends I’d go bike riding (that is one high point for the area, you can ride your bike year-round) all around the Denver metro area. I once wound up at the 16rh Street outdoor mall so I walked my bike up and down the mall window shopping. The only thing that struck me was the urine smell every time you went past an alley. Truly a disgusting place which is a pity since the idea of an outdoor mall is a rather charming one when done right.

  5. Bobo is faux xtian and detestable, but you gotta admit she knows how to read her audience! She’s playing to a gathered multitude of detestable faux xtians and they are cheering mindlessly…the only way they know how!!

  6. Ursula,you forget Colorado is also.home to the AF Academy which had/has a lot of right-wing Christian cadets. Then there is James Dobson Land, a complex so.big it has its own zip code. Quite A few megachurches.. I strongly suspect A lot of them.love Bimboebert.

    A few years ago the brother of my bff got married in Pueblo. Friend and family are Catholic. At the non-denominational mega church with a crazy name like “Four Square Gospel.We are Saved and You’re Notchurch she spotted A swimming pool posing as a baptismal.font. It wss large enough to swim laps in. In other words typical.right-,wing evangelical.nation churvj.
    At the reception the bride turns to her and says, “You’re Cstholic. That’s a cult isn’t it?”
    (Bride’s bratty daughter scarfed food at the buffet then took off to head to the mall.
    Smart daughter:”Dead where I stand.”)
    BFF to.her college age daughter”What would happen if you did that?”


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