Rudy Giuliani suggested that Eminem should move to another country after taking the knee at the Superbowl and the rapper had some choice words for Rudy in return. Or at least his manipulated image did, via the genius of the folks at Stephen Colbert’s show.

Nothing like a put down set to music.

Rudy, for his part, is flip flopping these days. Nobody is quite sure what is up with him. He was going to cooperate with the January 6 Committee. It was surmised by impeachment attorney Ron Goldman that Giuliani was taking that stance because Donald Trump owed him a lot of money and that was the cudgel that Giuliani was going to use to get the money paid.

Apparently not so. Giuliani then went on a rant a few days later that the January 6 Committee subpoenas were illegal. He actually said that the January 6 Committee was “illegal” and “can’t subpoena anybody.” This is news.

Adam Kinzinger has a different view:

In January, Giuliani was issued a subpoena which claimed the former mayor had “actively promoted claims of election fraud” for Trump and “sought to convince state legislators to take steps to overturn the election results.”

Kinzinger said on Sunday that he expected Giuliani, a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump, to cooperate with the subpoena.

“That’s the law. That’s the requirement. Same if somebody is subpoenaed to court. There may be some changes in dates and moments here as lawyers do their back and forth, but we fully expect that in accordance with the law, we’ll hear from Rudy,” the Illinois rep. said on CBS’ “Face The Nation.”

And we thought that Rudy was going to approach this in a sane manner. But then we thought that Mike Pence had finally grown a pair of balls, so we are frequently wrong. And the moral of the story is, they’re not going to change, and if they appear to be going against form, just wait a day or two, they will revert to type.

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  1. Don’t Giuliani and others just wish that people who verbally shoot them down or disagree, go ahead and move to another country? That’s a solution. /s

  2. It is hysterical, and no doubt represents his feelings, but most people familiar with him who have seen it believe it is a mash-up. And if done by Colbert’s people, it would be the highest quality mashup possible.


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