Thank you, Donald Trump. We needed a good laugh here at Christmas time and you have provided one. Candace Owens’ world was rocked a few days ago when she interviewed Trump on her podcast and he came out in favor of the vaccines. What a horrific moment in live broadcasting. MAGA world is up in arms because a pattern is starting to take place:

  1. Trump said to Bill O’Reilly on the History Tour that he was vaxxed;
  2. Trump told Owens vaccines worked;
  3. The Trump Grill requires proof of vaccination to get in.

Add these up together, they spell trouble. The MAGAs are restless as the scales fall from their eyes and they begin to wonder if it is possible that their Dreamsickle Deity has feet of clay?

In order to save MAGA bacon, along comes Candace Owens with this commentary and it only makes things worse. Listen.


She’s actually telling people to not listen to Trump because he’s “old” and that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he doesn’t do “independent research” because he doesn’t use the internet. We knew he couldn’t operate a computer but we also knew that he never found a conspiracy theory he didn’t like. That’s the hilarious part of this, is the argument that the MAGAs should follow Trump into a burning building if he asks it, but now, now, forget about it, he’s too old and out of it.

And the idea that he “reads?” I am speechless. I am rendered aghast. I may have to take a break……

… where were we? Oh, yes. The donors and other people who are upset. Here’s what that looks like. Go to the 1:42:00 mark.

“He’s committing political suicide,” says Alex Jones. Oh my. “I feel betrayed by Trump,” says Steinberg. My word.

Is it just me, or does Alex Jones “holiday” set look like the reception room of Hell? The garish colors are bad enough but the leaping flames?

And if you want to know how it gets worse, this is how. Here’s the scene in Trump Tower, where angry supporters cry out “Trump is a fraud if he’s enforcing this.”

You had us at Trump is a fraud.

The Dreamsickle Deity is melting in the dark, all his orange icing flowing down. Someone left the cult out in the rain. I don’t think that they can take it ’cause it took too long to fake it and they’ll never have that recipe again, Oh, nooooooooo.

I have a feeling that 2021 is going to go out wild, like it came in. Let’s see.

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  1. They should go complain at NYC’s city hall and health department – the mandate is from them, not from the former guy. Which they’d know if they weren’t getting all their news via Fox/OANN.

    • But they don’t know how things work, which is how Trump got where he got. They thought he could build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. And they think he can ignore New York laws and do what he wants in the grill. They also thought a tariff meant the Chinese were cutting big checks, remember that? That’s Trump’s genius. He’s making it up on the fly and they don’t know what’s what either, so they believe him.

      • In a poll conducted on 12/14/2021, 18% of Republicans thought that it was very likely or somewhat likely that Trump would be reinstated as President BEFORE YEAR END! Another 15% were unsure. Fully 1/3 of Republicans have completely list their grip on reality.

        • Trump exposed how stupid people are, how they don’t know basic civics or how government works. And they don’t want to do “independent research” or they would know there’s no way their Orange Oracle is coming back.

          • I prefer to refer to them as willfully ignorant. It’s easy to follow Trump, but it takes extra effort to do the ‘independent research’ you mention. A stupid person may not know how to do that. Calling them stupid may backfire like HRC’s ‘deplorables’ comment.

  2. The MacArthur Park reference is hilarious, apropos and revolting as is the original worst song ever. I have a much better song in mind; Ciao Bella.

  3. “Trump is a fraud if he’s enforcing this!”

    ummmmm, duh! He’s always been one. Can’t believe you’re just noticing this trumpies. Shit those people are idiots.


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