Born To Be Mild Mike Pence joined Joni Ernst at her Roast and Ride in Iowa today. This is not his first time to this particular rodeo. In 2017 he was one of the featured speakers. He went through all the motions of being Joe Cool, but in fact while the real participants in the Roast and Ride trekked 49 miles from the Harley Davidson factory to the fairgrounds where speeches were made, Pence rode for 1/8 of a mile. Des Moines Register:

The vice president tooled around the Central Iowa Expo grounds for perhaps an eighth of a mile before dismounting to deliver a speech heavy on praise for President Donald Trump and aimed at convincing his fellow Republicans to deliver on promises to reform the nation’s health care system. […]

He didn’t make the 49-mile ride to Boone from the Big Barn Harley-Davidson dealership in Des Moines, traveling instead on four wheels and safely ensconced in a long vice-presidential motorcade. His ride, on a borrowed Harley with Ernst riding just ahead, instead looped along a stretch of asphalt from the back of the stage to the front, making for a grand entrance with a lot less risk to the man a heartbeat away from the presidency.

So Pussy Pence (hey, that’s what Donald Trump called him, don’t look at me) rode from the back of the stage to the front. I am awed. I strenuously doubt that today was any different and will update this piece when more details become available.

Here is Brent Terhune’s take on it, “mayonnaise is too spicy for Mike,” is just one of the great one liners he fires off.

This is the prelude to Pence announcing his presidential run. That announcement is expected next week. We are breathless with anticipation.

Twitter’s reaction.

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  1. The video is awesome. As for the short ride, remember actor and TN Senator Fred Dalton Thompson? He actually pulled off the “regular” guy thing by showing up at appearances in an old red pickup truck. The good goobers of TN were mightily impressed. Of course, while they believed the schtick from him about riding from town to town (strongly implying but not explicitly saying) he did so in that “just worn enough to look like a real man’s working truck” the truth was rather different. He rode from town to town in a nice, comfy limo! The truck prop was driven by some staffer and would be parked semi-hidden a couple of blocks from where the crowd would be. An aide would call ahead to make sure the truck was in position before the limo bearing Thompson came into town and the limo would skedaddle back outside city limits. After his appearances Dalton would drive out of those little towns to where the limo was and climb back into comfort while the poor campaign aide had to take the old truck (no AC either) to the next stop!

    As for Pence, seeing him trying to coplay motorbike rider wearing leather? I’m a fan of ShowerCap blog and the original Rogue’s Gallery included good ole Mike Pence (minus the ball & gag) dressed up as I’m willing to bet he does so “Mother” will give him the “attention” he so richly deserves:

  2. Pence is just like probably 75% of the idiots who go to Sturgis every year. They drive their pickups pulling trailers with their bikes on them then they park outside Sturgis and drive in the rest of the way. Harleys have been the goto bike of choice for yuppie scum and useful penis extensions for the middle-age crisis crew for years. We see them here in MT on their way to S.D. We are not impressed. LMAO

    • What I’m waiting for is Mike Pence to pose with an AR-15. If he’s willing to do the motorcycle schtick, he’s probably willing to pose with an AR-15. Nikki Haley did.

  3. Mike Pence has always put me in mind of Dorothy Parker, who, when told of the death of President Calvin Coolidge, asked, “How can they tell?”


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