I do believe that the House may lose one seat for sure in the November midterms and that is Lauren Boebert.

The clip you’re about to see is from a podcast with Adam Frisch, Boebert’s actual opponent in the race. I say *actual opponent* because the man had to point out to Boebert any number of times that he was her opponent and not Nancy Pelosi, during their recent debate.

There are some interesting statistics to ponder here. This is worth a listen and actually the entire podcast is. There are other races besides this one under discussion.

If ever anybody embodied the “all hat, no cattle cliche” it is Lauren Boebert.

This runs for close to two hours.

I like the comment on Frisch’s site, “Adam is a workhorse. Boebert is a show pony.” Boebert is a more like a merry-go-round horse that fell off the carousel, onto its head and split open.

As I have said ad nauseum on this blog, I can’t believe that Colorado has changed that much since I lived there, to where Boebert actually represents any portion of the state. I grew up there, went to C.U. Boulder and worked in radio in the late 70’s before heading out to Los Angeles. At that time, the Rocky Mountain High/John Denver school of public relations was out in full force.

Colorado was where you went because it was groovy, mellow and New Age — I’m not mocking anything with the use of these adjectives. Literally, they were the ones in use. People were moving from Minneapolis, Detroit, you name it, because it was the new American dream.

Whether that was true or not, that was the PR campaign. And so some four and a half decades later the New Age dream is dead, supplanted by redneck ignorance? By a member of congress who met with rioters at the Capitol before the riot and who gave them tours of the Capitol — and topped it off with revealing Speaker Pelosi’s whereabouts the day of the riot?

I agree with Adam Frisch’s analysis. Once again I give you the link if you want to donate to his campaign.

Boebert is Roger Ailes, next level. Ailes was The Loudest Voice In the Room and Boebert is The Biggest Mouth in the room. There is a difference. However, say what you will about Ailes, he understood broadcasting like the back of his hand and he did build Fox News up to be a force to be reckoned with.

For Boebert, Congress is all a PR job and soundbites. That’s what she understands. That’s the level of her *intellect.* The House deserves better and God knows Colorado does, too.

We may be stuck with Marge Greene, but we have gotten rid of Madison Cawthorn and I think Lauren Boebert will go down in flames as well. That’s not a bad haul, if you stop to consider the reality of where we were. I would like to see a few more seats lost besides hers, but if when the smoke clears, if at least she’s gone, it will have been a good election.

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  1. The all hat no cattle comment for some reason caused me to flash back to the Sunday comic strips when I was growing up – the “funny pages” had all the cartoons in color. I enjoyed one comic strip titled Tumbleweeds. Those of us in our mid sixties or older might remember it. I only found one pic that really illustrated what I wanted folks to see but I couldn’t download it, much less post it in a comment. Videos yes. Pics I can’t seem to do. Anyway one of the main characters was a Pony Express rider. A goofy looking guy with an outlandish huge ten-gallon hat. And a horse with the initials “U.S. on the horse’s hindquarter. About that horse. I too was ridiculous looking, with a sad face and a back shaped like the letter U. If an artist were to redraw the guy as a woman along with that horse, that would be Boebert!

    • Click on the Attachments “Browse…” button, do the usual, image file name appears after the “Browse” button. So… maybe it’ll appear after I click “Post Comment”?

      • Thanks for doing what I couldn’t. I’ve tried the steps but for some reason I can’t get an image/picture into a comment. A video? No problem. There’s probably something in my settings that prevents me from being able to do what you did, but now people can get a sense of what I was talking about. As i said, it’s easy for me to imagine that guy redrawn with Bobbleheads face. I just wish there was a pic that would show how ridiculous the shape of the horse’s back actually is.


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