As many of you know 30 odd members of the “Patriot Front” domestic terror bund were arrested last Sunday in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho intending to disrupt and who knows what else a peaceful pride event in the City Park there.

If you are a bit behind on your reading I posted about the takedown in a post shortly after the arrests, which I will now shamelessly plug…

Updated:Cops Arrest Neo-Nazis in Idaho, Antifa Twitter Having a Blast.

Until now one of the funnier pics (but by no means the funniest) from the bust was the photo of a claque of them packed into the back of a U-Haul van, their preferred form of conveyance…

…but what is even funnier is what one of the shitbirds Go-Pro-ed as the door to the van rolled up:

Naturally, lefty Twitter had a (laugh)riot of their own…



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  1. I can’t be the only person wondering about all the shit these asshats talked prior to getting caught. Lots of bragging about what they’d do to any “lib-brul” protecting cops, putting them in the ER and even into the ground. Oh my the tough talk you just KNOW they were spouting amongst themselves. Yet they were meek as mice when the cops announced their presence. No coming out shooting or at least (vainly) trying to “kick ass and take names” as they no doubt had been doing right up to their “Oh shit! We’re BUSTED!” moment. Toddlers being ushed into their rooms for bedtime put up more resistance!

    If this county is supposed to count on “Patriots” of this (puny) caliber we are fucked. I rather doubt these dudes will be welcomed by similar groups once they’ve served their time. That is if they haven’t decided it’s time to hang up their Rambo fantasies once and for all.

  2. Ursula, I know you need ad dollars to keep this site going and sometimes there are disturbing ads from very pro Trump sources but this blog just had an ad from Minuteman advertising what looks like a build your own AR-47. Granted, your followers are the least likely to run out and get one but it’s disturbing seeing ads here for a killing machine.

      • Yeah, I’ve never gone to a FauxSnooz site, but one of the new pop-ups often has an ad for them. I wonder if this new outfit that’s running PZ is to blame for the right-wing crap we’re getting. I’ve written Ursula asking about it but haven’t heard back.

        • This complaint about ads comes up on lots of sites – both progressive and conservative. The site’s owners (including this one) don’t have control over what the ad company they’ve contracted with puts up. The ad company has an obligation to both itself and a given site to maximize the ad revenue. How all those algorithms based on data mining work is a mystery to us all.

          I THINK that even if a person doesn’t for example go on gun store sites or look up how to buy guns, even reading articles about say mass shootings where specific guns are mentioned can add your name into the mix. Or, if you don’t know about some gun control law being debated and look up information about what politicians (for and against) are saying that too can get you noticed by data miners. It’s insidious to be sure but that’s today’s reality.

          If we see conservative viewers here making comments, perhaps it means that while still a small site we are growing a bit and getting noticed. Some our articles get tens of thousands of views, and get shared enough by enough of them that conservatives come and give us a look-see.

        • No, you’re right. But if someone doesn’t have a search or browsing history (like if they use DuckDuckGo) or a browsing history (using a VPN)) the third-party ad services will put up what they will bear. My browser has an ad blocker built in, so thrre are a lot of places others see ads and I don’t. But things slip through. don’t pay much attentiona at websites – but ads in the newsletters I will sometimes report because that’s a different level of engagement. Pro Tip – if you get the Crooks and Liars newsletter, be prared for trash. Right wng trash. The right wing must pay better.

  3. Nxt time strip them of all weapons, money, etc. Load them back in. Drive them to a remote town in Mexico & dump them there. Rescind their citizenship. Then they can get a feel for being a refugee. Fuck em everyday & twice on Sundays.


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