Sometimes life imitates art, imitating life. This is like Perry Mason. That gurgling sound you hear is the sound of legal careers being flushed down the toilet, to wit, Alex Jones’ lawyers’ careers. There is dumb and then there is flagrantly stupid and Alex Jones’ lawyers are the latter. As a matter of fact, a writer for Law & Order, the TV show, said, “I would never write lawyers this dumb.”

Jones’ lawyers sent an entire digital record of Jones’ phone to the Sandy Hook lawyer, Mark Bankston. Jones’ lawyers “did not take any steps to identify it as privileged or protected in any way and as of two days ago it fell free and clear into my possession,” Bankston told Jones in court Wednesday. “That is how I know you lied to me.” [about text messages about Sandy Hook]

And truthfully, it comes as no surprise. Anybody who would represent Alex Jones is probably not the sharpest legal knife in the drawer. So Jones may be going to jail for perjury and if that’s not enough, the January 6 Committee began preparing a subpoena for Jones’ phone records within minutes of hearing this revelation. Rolling Stone:

On Wednesday, Sandy Hook victims’ attorney Mark Bankston told Jones that his attorney had mistakenly sent Bankston three years worth of the conspiracy theorist’s emails and text messages copied from his phone.

Now — a source familiar with the matter and another person briefed on it tell Rolling Stone — the January 6th committee is preparing to request that data from the plaintiff attorneys in order to aid its investigation of the insurrection. These internal deliberations among the committee, which is probing former President Donald Trump’s role in causing the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot, began within minutes of the lawyer’s revelation being heard on the trial’s livestream on Wednesday afternoon.

Jones has already featured prominently in the panel’s investigation for his role in whipping up public support for the insurrection and for his close ties to alleged conspirator Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers militia. Jones frequently hosted Rhodes as a guest on his InfoWars channel and his militia provided security for the Texas-based conspiracist.

Alex Jones looks ghastly. I would not be surprised if he fainted on the stand, seriously.

Jones is like Icarus. He flew too close to the sun and melted his wings. Jones was okay when he was ranting about space aliens and Satan coming to take over, it was clearly fantasy. But when he got into actual life experiences and politics, especially, he got in way over his head.

He may have a long time to think about it in prison. Maybe Roger Stone can bake him a cake with a file in it.

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  1. Alex Jones and Roger Stone are more likely to be sharing a cell. It would not surprise me if Roger was the liaison btwn TFG and Jones. Those phone records may be instrumental in getting an indictment against Jones and any co-conspirators found among the records. I hope DOJ is getting their subpoena ready, as well.

    • Al: Isn’t it always the innocent who suffer when these little “family fueds” result in incarceration? Poor missus Rudy Julianne, will get no support payment this month because her ex was not as diligent as he might have been and now his ass is broke? Poor Mrs. Julianne!

  2. Mr. Bankston’s taunt that Mr. Jones’ attorney didn’t even claim executive privilge over the contents of the texts tells us something: these texts include at least one set of texts between Jones and Trump! Ba da boom! This means that if anything, it’s more likely that Jones was the go-between for Trump and Stone, than that Stone was the go-between for the other two. But I’ll guess that all three of them are going to be wrapped up by these texts as J6 conspirators, and mayboere besides. Pop corn. I need pop corn!

    • One only has to check how many times Bellowing Bannon appeared on Jones’s show to know that we are not talking an evil trio here but an evil quartet. Save room for company in the 8 by 8 room (cell) that Alex will be occupying in their near collective futures?

  3. I live in Austin, which makes Alex Jones a local. We have had to put up with his antics and stupid crap for years now. Watching this lying, hateful, pile of human waste go down is effing fantastic. I had my fingers crossed that this trial would take him down hard, but this is ten times better than any outcome I had even thought possible. F**king glorious. His perp walk will be my iPad wallpaper for years to come. Enjoy prison, you piece of s**t!

    • Kevin, we must be kind. Let us think of Alex that he’s not so much in jail as he is being repatriated. I can’t wait to see the new meek and mild behavior Alex will display on his release from being “reeducated”. And not so much his bully on the block bullpucky we’ve grown to know and detest. Bon Voyage Alex don’t call us we’ll call you!!!!!


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