There are a lot of right-wing commentators that are trembling right now, if not outright bashing their heads against the wall. Alex Jones threw down the gauntlet yesterday, saying that Trump was either “ignorant” or “evil” after Candace Owens came forth and apologized for Donald Trump’s faux pas on her podcast, of endorsing vaccines. Trump has not come forth to acknowledge that he was in error or to sooth the base, and that has led to speculation that he’s not going to. This is the new pivot that Trump is doing. He intends to make it his platform that he invented the three vaccines and he deserves a place on Vaccine Mt. Rushmore.

Let Al Sharpton explain it.

Here is a clip from Jerome Adams, who was Trump’s surgeon general. He can’t remember whether he was a psychology or a psychiatry major, but he’s clear that Joe Biden’s “love language” empowered Trump to change his tune and embrace the vaccines.

And here’s confirmation, straight from the horse’s mouth. Trump absolutely intends to make this his issue.

Now this poses one hell of a quandary. As Al Sharpton pointed out, this is the guy who was advocating people drink bleach and a number of his constituents took him up on that. Trump supporters were putting straws in the fish tank and drinking that. Poison control centers and ERs were seeing the results of this madness. But now he’s a pro-vaxxer.

So where does that leave right-wing media? In the shithouse, that’s where it leaves them. They either have to drop the anti-vaxx line themselves and justify doing so or they have to dump Trump. And how do they dump Trump when he’s the leader of the MAGA cult?

If you think we struggle for answers here, imagine what it must be like on the right-wing outlets. I know that personally, if I was wondering if Trump’s pivot was going to put me out of business or not, I would be losing my mind right now. This situation isn’t getting any better. Everybody in right-wingnuttia is waiting for Trump to come forward and recant and he has not. And I don’t believe he will. Not with what he told Joe Page three days ago and with what Al Sharpton said this morning.

This is the new normal in Trump world. What remains to be seen is how it’s handled. Because Trump will kick them all to the curb as he’s done before. That’s a given. It’s just now a question of how the various outlets and personalities pivot with Trump or if they just ignore it and try to pretend it isn’t happening, elephant in the room style.

And don’t forget the reverberations this will create. This is like a boulder thrown into a lake, the ripples will go to the far end. How are Trump’s sycophants in Congress, the Putin Squad, Marge Greene, Boebert, Cawthorn, Matt Gaetz who wants to install Trump as House speaker, going to react to this? it means that they have to change their tunes as well.

Trump has apparently figured out that running on the stolen election isn’t going to cut it so he needs some positive achievement to tout and he’s clearly decided that the vaccines are it. And I think I know where he’s going with this. A lot of people in red rural America are dying from this anti-vaxx insanity. Trump is going to come forward and be their savior. “Take the vaccines that I made for you, my children. Take them and be well.” I can hear it now.

That’s my 2022 prediction in any event, Trump the Savior. It may play. If he comes forward and says God spoke to him in a vision about it, it really may play.

This is going to be something. Stay tuned.

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  1. Reading this and contemplating the thought processes (or what passes for such with these people) their heads must be about to explode. I thought of an episode from the original Star Trek where they found a robot that had been programmed by a James Roykirk on earth centuries before to learn all it could and return home. I can’t remember the robot’s name but it kept saying I am XXXXX and I am perfect, but the real issue was it considered biological creatures inferior and after learning all it could would destroy them. The robot’s logic was that it was incapable of making a mistake but it DID – as in while expressing its intent to find its creator and learns Captain Kirk’s name thinks Kirk is his creator. It messes with the robot’s “mind” some but when things got to the point where it was ready to exterminate all the crew (except for Kirk) he tells the robot he is NOT the creator – he is James T. Kirk – not Roykirk and that it (the robot) wasn’t perfect after all. The robot freaks and starts the “meltdown” process repeating it’s name and that it was perfect and Kirk kept reminding it that it had made a mistake and wasn’t. The robot started malfunctioning enough that they were able to get it to the transporter bay and beam it into deep space where it exploded – massively.

    That’s what I contemplate happening with these maybe, hopefully former TFG worshipers.

    Oh, and for those not into Star Trek or who might want a more recent example think of that Austin Powers movie where Austin does a striptease and causes the Fembot’s head’s to explode. I wonder if Mike Myers might do an alternate version, with him being made up like Trump and “dancing” while touting the vaccines to a bunch of supporters and RWNJ newsies/commentators! Maybe their heads could all explode with Trump hued orange billowing out.

    • Not a perfect analogy, either example. I think I’ve a better one from one of my all-time favorites, Patrick Mcgoohan’s The Prisoner, which has a spy, designated “Number Six”, interned in a holiday resort style prison camp called “the Village” constantly trying to escape. But occasionally he took an interest in going directly after the plans of the various managers called “Number Two”. The episode “Hammer To Anvil” was its most direct.

      In it, the current Number Two drives a woman to suicide, leading Number Six to launch a devious vendetta. He starts acting like he’s part of a conspiracy, making Number Two turning over every rock he can to find it. But all the sophisticated surveillance and computers come up with nothing, which makes Number Two’s paranoia reach Nixonian levels. It all ends with Number Two turning himself into Number One, never once having stumbled onto the truth and gone through all that for nothing.

      THAT’S a more accurate picture of the MAGA mentality to me, no machinery required.

  2. Carole King sang it best: “But it’s too late, baby,/Now it’s too late,/Though we really did try to make it…” The time for this statement should have been long before I heard the newest chorus of ambulances ringing outside my door, announcing the next round of departures for the True Believers. The damage is now done and irreversible and no one benefits from the pivot in any big way. Trump will benefit least of all.

  3. “Reading this and contemplating the thought processes (or what passes for such with these people) their heads must be about to explode. ”

    Funny. I was just reading this and thinking “Are these retards really about to pivot to ‘orange man good’ after 4 years of pretending that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin did a Face/Off-style identity swap,that Donald Trump supposedly provoked an insurrection that completely failed to meet any criteria for an insurrection and calling him the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler since 2016”?

    And it appears that the answer is yes,yes you are. None of that matters as long as Donald Trump is on your side on a FAKE issue that has been MANUFACTURED to incite GULLIBLE IDIOTS into an ideological purity-based hysterical fear of “the other”.

    Why don’t you explain for us the deep level of thought that went into deciding that Donald Trump was now your buddy after being variously a white supremacist,a Russian, and a dictatorial insurrectionist on your part?

    Because it kind of seems to me that you are just reading or watching things created by people who you already agree with on whatever manufactured wedge issue of the day and then just regurgitating whatever they said and that is what you are calling “thinking”,and if that’s the case,then that really explains a lot.

    See what I did there? I just used my own brain to come to a conclusion about something that wasn’t in the article or your comment and it actually disagreed with and called into question both the contents of the article and your lame attempt to curry favor with your demented in-group. That’s called critical thinking. You should try it some time.

    • I was curious how you came to your assumptions…then I realized they came from the same place they always do with you people–from your ass. Were I to guess why the orange shit-gibbon pivoted it is because he is not particularly intelligent in the first place and additionally he is in the last stages of senility. So, it’s not so much a pivot as it is his usual spewing without thinking first.

      No one with a shred of intelligence gives the orange shit-gibbon the benefit of the doubt. He hasn’t earned it, ever, in his waste of a life. The rube however, otherwise known as his base, eat every piece of shit that comes from the moron. He is their king.

      One other thing Gibber or Jabber or whatever you call yourself, what you just displayed was anything but critical thinking. I am sure that is as foreign to you as it is to mango man.

  4. “Take the vaccines that I made for you, my children. Take them and be well.” Ursula, I agree this could be tRump’s new spin. But it’s a calculated risk for him to take, thinking he can now “pivot” to this opposite point of view, that he CREATED the vaccines (along with the sun, the moon, and the stars and so on, by the way) when just a few months ago he allowed the lie that they are dangerous to flourish unchecked. Maybe the thought has penetrated his tiny brain that his sick rhetoric is literally killing the base off one virus case at a time. I wouldn’t want to give him credit for thinking of this on his own, though, unless it happened quite by accident.

    • The thought crossed my mind that maybe Ivanka told him he should take credit for the vaccines. I didn’t read that anywhere, it just is an idea. She’s one of the few people he listens to — which is why it will be interesting to see their communications on the day of the insurrection.


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