Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was quoted in yesterday’s Washington Post as saying that the leak of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade made the justices “targets for assassination”.

“The leak last spring before the court eliminated the nationwide right to abortion was a “grave betrayal of trust by somebody, and it was a shock,” he said. The threat to the justices, he added, was not theoretical because it “gave people a rational reason to think they could prevent that from happening by killing one of us.”

He noted that a man has been charged in an alleged attempt to kill Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, who was in the majority to overturn Roe. The California man, arrested near the justice’s home before the final opinion was released, was upset by the leaked draft, authorities said.”

Far be it from me to take issue with the reasoning of such an esteemed and learned asshole, Judge, but it was not the fact that the draft was leaked that put you and your other constitutional rights-thieving justices in that criminal’s crosshairs but the contents of the decision itself.

Or, did you and your fellow Christian Nationalist friends on the Court imagine that you would be able to keep your theft of a woman’s right to choose a secret indefinitely?

What the leak endangered then, was not your lives, per se, but your ability to operate in the darks with only your political masters to answer to…

“Alito’s remarks during an event at the Heritage Foundation touched on criticism of the court, relations between the justices and proposals to expand the size of the Supreme Court. His comments come as polls show public approval of the court has dropped to record lows after the conservative majority allowed greater restrictions on abortion, expanded gun rights and limited the government’s power to address climate change.”

So, following your same flawed reasoning, Sam, I suppose you think that it is the reporting of the Court’s actions on gun control and climate change that opened SCOTUS to criticism and not the decisions themselves?

If you could only operate in the dark you would not be subject to other folks judgement at all, heh?

“When asked about criticism that the court has strayed too far from public sentiment and risks appearing partisan when it overturns precedent, Alito said he has no problem with the public, the media and academics criticizing the court’s legal reasoning in its rulings. But he took issue with those who have questioned the legitimacy of the court.

“To say that the court is exhibiting a lack of integrity is something quite different. That goes to character, not to a disagreement with the result or the reasoning. It goes to character,” Alito said.

The justice did not refer to any colleague by name nor did the interviewer, John G. Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation, but both were clearly referring to comments from Justice Elena Kagan, who dissented when the court overturned the landmark Roe decision. Kagan said during a legal conference in July that the court’s legitimacy is threatened when long-standing precedent is discarded and the court’s actions are seen as motivated by personnel changes among the justices.”

So, to summarize, Judge, we should feel free to criticize you decisions as long as we do nothing to make them public before you and your colleagues feel the time is right to spring them on us, and when another justice states her opinion publicly that the court’s legitimacy is threatened when a clique of justice’s decision to overturn 50 year precedent, it hurts your fees?

Perhaps if Justice Kagan had whispered it into your ear…

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  1. I still think Kavanaugh shouldn’t be within 50 miles of the Supreme Court. I watched the whole mess and he came off as a sulky frat boy that wasn’t getting his way. If it hadn’t been for Trump, he never would’ve been seated. And Amy Coney Barrett doesn’t belong, either.

    • Well, neither does Gorsuch nor Thomas. Thomas, for all his permanent criticism of affirmative action (reportedly, he keeps his Harvard degree on his desk as a reminder that he only got there because of affirmative action) doesn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that he only got the Supreme Court gig because he was a Black conservative. DOYC knows I loathe both Thomas Sowell and the late Walter E Williams for their willingness to kowtow to the conservative movement (even as they generally seemed to be ignored by the white conservative establishment–until their “Black voice” was needed to prop up the conservative line) but either one of them would’ve been a decent replacement for Thurgood Marshall (of course, a fresh, steaming pile of dog poop would’ve been an improvement over Thomas).

    • Beer bong, Gorsuch, Barrett, AND thomas need to be removed. Immediately. This idiocy spewing from alito proves he is unfit as well.

  2. Alito is whining, mostly about how reality isn’t cooperating with his agenda. Seriously, why waste a bullet when you’ve already shot yourself that many times in the foot?

    • Because his opinions indicate he is dangerous in his stupidity–and he is stupid beyond belief. It would not be a wasted bullet. Stupidity is killing our nation and it resides in the highest court in the land which should be alarming the entire country.

  3. Sorry Sammy (actually, I’m not) that you feel your self-professed integrity and character are being questioned. Getting the TRUTH told on you stung I guess. Sure, your legal “reasoning” was a steaming pile of shit so you counted on other factors to force acceptance of your PERSONAL beliefs on everyone, and while the decision is by far more impactful to women it affects men too. The thing is you fucking LIED, as did your fellow Federalist Society Fascists to get to the position you finally wound up in that allowed you to IMPOSE your religious beliefs on others. If you didn’t want your character and integrity and that of the Court’s attacked then you shouldn’t have fucking lied!

    But you did. We knew you were lying. You knew we knew you were lying. But the votes were there to confirm you and the others. You did what you did, and if you don’t like people pointing out you LIED, then STFU with your whining about people attacking your and the Court’s integrity because you and five other IN-Justices forfeited your right to complain because you are GOD DAMNED LIARS. And wouldn’t be where you were if you’d had integrity and character and told the truth during your confirmation hearings.

  4. Lack of integrity? How about NO INTEGRITY?
    These are all a bunch of right-wing political hacks, paying homage to the great orange one.
    And they lied to get their jobs.

    • Indeed. Way past time to fire all their asses. Why ol’ pubic hair isn’t on that poster thing is bizarre since he basically started the whole lying to get on the highest court in the land thing.

      • “pubic hair”…..that’s basically pretty racist and offensive, we’re supposed to be better than that. The rest of your comment is on target though. A pack of lying liars. it’s far past time to expand the court…the number should at least match the number of appellate courts…its no longer 1823

  5. I posted the MSN version of this earlier today, and made the point that Alito was too tone-deaf and arrogant to see that he painted the target on how own back for believing that he had the right to control personal, private decisions for the rest of the populace and violating the first amendment by legislating from the bench by imposing his personal religious dogma on the entire populace.

  6. Alito never believed in a right to privacy. As a judge he found it perfectly acceptable for police to strip search a ten-year-old girl who.was on site when they executed a no-knock warrant on the house of a suspected drug dealer.
    At Daily Kos we all called him.”Scalito” because he was “Alito Lite.”

  7. If there is a prince of darkness, he must be the laziest entity in the universe when the humanoids on the Supreme Court are perfectly capable of all sorts of evil without needing help. Lifetime appointments. God what a fucked up country.
    “First remove the log from your own eye before you remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Jesus

  8. I keep repeating that Archibald Cox warned of the consequences of the Court’s losing public respect for its decisions ‘way back in 1987 [The Court and the Constitution]. At the time, I could only picture that he was talking about a potential rise in cases of jury nullification, not mass uprising.
    Sadly, now I am predicting that some day a bereaved, despondent husband of a woman who has died purely because of the unavailability of proper pregnancy care, will decide that he cannot bear to continue living and will decide to take an (ir)responsible SC Justice with him. So, no, Mr. Alito, in the long, run it was not premature disclosure of your ruling that has put targets on you, it was finalizing your ruling that is to blame.

  9. Well I can’t say that threatening old Brewsky was a bad thing although he is a judge. But for us to find out that the feds buried his file in his confirmation hearings and he was specifically asked about the Roe verdict and apparently lied under oath about it somewhat questionable. I think maybe more legal remedies might be taken to remove him from office. And on to Alito, complaining about the leak is like Trumps was complaining about leaks in the White House. If you are a shithead doing crap that’s questionable and probably illegal you can’t really complain outside of stop doing bad things that people believe the public should know. Kinda easy solution if you think about it.


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