Donald Trump is expected to have a turnout of a million people or more in the Bronx today. The venue is able to hold 3,500, so this will indeed be interesting to see an exponential amount of people attempt to squeeze in. But Andrew Giuliani and Fox News are both on the scene and they’re predicting the first GOP win in New York since Ronnie Raygun in 1984 and they should know, right? Here’s one version of what’s going on.

Granted, that was three hours ago in the east and the Mango Messiah has not taken stage yet. So we will be patient and wait for the mongoloid, Mongolian, hordes of MAGAs to show up.

And now let’s go over to Trump War Room and look at the dream.

I simply want to interject the following:

  1. We saw this exact same kind of an ad when Trump campaigned in Arizona in 2020. Trump lost Arizona;
  2. You hear every single rally that “thousands more are in line.” Swell. I can also show you footage of thousands leaving Trump’s rally in New Jersey recently.
  3. Trump used to boast that his next rally was going to be in Madison Square Garden. Great, Donald. If you can pay for it and fill it. I notice you didn’t book that venue today, now did you?

Here’s Trump going on about what a golden age it was when he was in office.

Now this is intriguing, so early in the game.

This was part of what preceded Fox’s cutaway.

Either that or he wants to read the poem, “The Snake,” or he wants to prove that Stormy Daniels was wrong when she said he had a little mushroom. Who knows how nutty this can get?

We may do another piece here if something of note happens. So far it’s the same old, same old, and the MAGA equivalent of Deadheads have all shown up. We’ll know at the end of the day the crowd Trump claims and what the fire department says. Maybe it will be like New Jersey, where a venue that holds 20K (and had people leaving from the beginning) was said to have hosted 107K by Trump.

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  1. Von Shitsinpants’ parents might be looking at him, looking UP that is, but they’re likely saying “I can’t f*cking believe that idiot is our son”. Thing is, he’s probably worried that’s what they think. He’s an idiot but he has the sense to know he is an utter failure by any and every metric-he sees what comes to his klan rallies so he surely he knows it’s not because he’s intelligent-they want to see ONE OF THEIR OWN.


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