It’s getting difficult to follow the downward curve of politics and social media these days, but surely, on that road, this is one of the stranger signposts. Huffington Post is reporting that Elon Musk insulted Adam Schiff recently. The insult itself is an interesting one, considering that even people who dislike Schiff acknowledge his considerable intellect.

Not Musk. He informed Schiff that his “brain is too small” in a tweet that was later removed.

Sigh. Twitter has turned into an after school bullying session.

Schiff and Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) earlier this month sent a letter to Musk inquiring about his content moderation strategy in light of research showing that hate speech has spiked on Twitter since Musk took over.

Musk insisted in a responding tweet that the data was “false,” but provided no evidence to contradict statistics collected in online research.

It’s hard to know what to do or say regarding Twitter. There was quite a stir a few days ago when various journalists got axed from the platform. Most of them have since been restored.

It’s hard for anybody to know where the lines are drawn. Of course, journalists, bloggers, tweeters, anybody wants to kick in their two cents on Twitter. That’s why it’s there. But when you do so, you risk the wrath of Musk. And since it’s his platform, it’s his rules. He can chop off your head if he wants to.

Musk did do a poll asking if he should step down as CEO. The results of that poll were affirmative. Maybe that will be the next thing to happen.

What a long, strange trip this has been and Musk only took over the helm of Twitter on October 28. It seems like centuries ago.


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  1. A small brain comment from musk is redundant. Like former guy, if musk did not have his family’s money to throw around, we would not know of his existence. Of course that is his problem-without daddy’s money he’d be nothing. Same kind of small penis syndrome we see with former guy. Hopefully his piss-poor decision process will mean we won’t be subject to his cry-baby, karen rantings much longer. Tesla certainly won’t be much of concern now all the major auto makers, and some new ones, are taking its market share.

  2. Now where have I seen this narcissistic act before???…….hmmmmm…..for some reason the word “shit-gibbon” comes to mind.

    Hopefully, in the future, the unwashed masses will have enough sense not to elect this blithering parasitic moron, who lives off of others and claims the hard work of others as his own, to the presidency.

    • I’m not sure why you’d think Musk (I’m guessing you meant him by “this blithering parasitic moron) would or could ever be elected to the presidency as he fails one of the few qualifications for the presidency: He’s not a natural-born citizen of the United States. He was born and raised in South Africa.

      It would take a Constitutional amendment to change that and the amendment process absolutely guarantees it won’t happen. You’d need two-thirds of the House AND two-thirds of the Senate to pass a proposed amendment and then three-fourths of the states (currently 38) to ratify the amendment. If no one could get such a proposal passed for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eligibility, I can’t see Elon Musk meriting enough support for a change.

  3. When it comes to Musk’s tenure at Twitter I think paraphrasing a line from a well-known Grateful Dead tune explains it:
    “What a short, fucked-up trip it’s been”

    • I know, it’s paraphrased. But it sums up my life and I’m sure, many others’. “ What a long, strange trip it’s been.”
      Aside from that, I thoroughly agree with Dennis Elliot. His comments and articles are great.

  4. I’m sorry. This whole Twitter drama seems unnecessary. I’ve never been on although I’ve seen a lot of funny things people have posted. Ok. So the choice to become addicted to a social medium is ignored while focusing on the nazi who inherited a fortune. Just get off. Stay off. And stop giving this shithead money by visiting his nazi forum. Simple. This seems like a bunch of addicts who are complaining because a new drug dealer is in town and they don’t like his product. Get sober.

  5. Musk has all the hubris of an Afrikaner. His self-adulation and aggrandizement are vulgar at their best. As an average American, retired on a very limited fixed income, I have grown increasingly to dislike (despise?) the super wealthy. It is not because of their wealth, but because of how they must wipe it across our average non-celebrative faces every day. We are the components of the engines that run society, while they make jackasses of themselves through their false piety and the grandiose methods of self-celebration. Adam Schiff has done more for the U.S. and our constitutional democracy in one week than Musk has done in his entire lifetime. I’m surprised Musk did not swipe Schiff with some outlandish anti-Semitic trope. Musk as a person is overblown. His wealth does NOT make him a good human. He gets to celebrate himself exposing an inner self that is short-circuited, likely because of parental neglect, dismissal or avoidance. The MEDIA world loves to trot out the Musks in society, making them appear bigger than life when in fact they are so small; so tiny.

  6. My personal opinion is that Musk WNTS Twitter destroyed, but to what end, who can say. But had I bothered to subscribe, I would have already joined those abandoning the site in droves. Secondly, as Schiff points out, Musk has no desire for free speech, and his infantile snideness proves it. Were I in charge, I would use every means possible to strip him of his citizenship and send him back to his country of birth, if it would even take him back.

  7. In America our culture worships money, celebrity, and power. Character means nothing. The minister who talked about character got a 30/30 slug in the face in 1968. American culture claims to worship ‘God’, but in fact that’s a lie. Always has been. Land of hypocrisy backed by guns. We’re not that different than South Africa, and all the ones that run a police state set up by the rich and powerful. Cue up the apologists, something like ‘yeah, but we’re the best system around’. That’s equivalent to saying my dad only beats us when he’s drunk whereas yours beats you all the time. God…we need higher standards. Doubt the rich will go for it.

  8. Isn’t musk a scent used in deodorants and aftershaves? It’s probably my least favorite scent because, I don’t like smelling musky.


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