I think we’re all adult enough to know that there’s a difference between a person’s real self and “reel” self, to quote an old Hollywood quip from the ’30’s. Few of us are naive enough to think that the hero with the square jaw and the big fists also has a perfect moral compass and teaches Sunday School. We’re aware that people are imperfect beings and generally speaking are one way in public and another way in private life — although it is human nature to project that our heroes are who we want them to be.

Be that as it may, there are few people that are totally one way in the pubic eye and 180 degrees apart in their personal lives.

The release of documentation from the Dominion Voting Systems case is a constant revelation that Fox News hosts are the exception to the rule. According to the private texts and emails we’ve read, Tucker, Sean, and Laura don’t believe the stolen election anymore than you or me — they just get paid many millions to feign belief and coat it with many layers of outrage. They’re acting, just like DeNiro and Streep, they just don’t let on.

Today was another bubble bursting tranche of documents. Mediaite:

Here is the Nov. 11, 2020 exchange between Carlson and the unidentified network employee, who tells the host Rep. that Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told him Trump won’t be attending the inauguration the following January.

EMPLOYEE: Maybe you already knew but gaetz told me trump isnt going to the inauguration


CARLSON: I’d heard about the inauguration. Hard to believe. So destructive.

EMPLOYEE: I dont know her but yeah we could. And yes I really hate what he is doing. Millions believe every word he says.

CARLSON: It’s disgusting. I’m trying to look away.

A little more than two months later on air, Carlson mocked CNN’s Jim Acosta for publicly showing the same kind of disgust about Trump the Fox host displayed privately.

“This is looking like, you know, a president or a former head of state leaving Washington and in a way – because the president is defying these traditions [and] not being a part of the inauguration of President Joe Biden – he’s almost leaving town like an autocrat ousted from power heading off into exile,” Acosta said on CNN earlier that day.

“It’s just hilarious that someone who is literally wearing a black mask on camera is calling someone else a fascist,” Carlson said in a video flagged by Media Matters. “Why are you wearing a mask? You’re not gonna get Covid outside at a live shot.” […]

In the same filing unsealed on Tuesday, Carlson was revealed to have said of Trump, “I hate him passionately.”

“We are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights,” he added. “I truly can’t wait.”

In another filing unsealed last month, Carlson called Trump “a demonic force” and “a destroyer.”

It’s a good thing for Fox News that their viewers don’t read newspapers and if they did, are sufficiently conditioned to believe they’re “fake news” written by “enemies of the state,” because this could cause a time of reckoning otherwise.

Remember when Lonesome Rhoades from “A Face In the Crowd” was caught on tape saying what he really thought about his viewers and revealed who he really was? He was gone. His fan base heard that and they split, tout suite.

Unfortunately for Lonesome, he didn’t have 26 years of Fox News behind him, providing cover for his now-public indiscretions. Tucker Carlson does. At least, and I think this is fair to say, Carlson is hoping like hell that that’s the case. Because if he doesn’t have cover, then it’s social pariah in right-wing world time. Wouldn’t that be something?

In all events, Fox has got two black eyes. That’s undeniable. We’ll see where they are six months from now, a year.

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  1. They have catered to the most ignorant members of our society for all these years. They’ll do just fine six months/a year from now. Seriously, how much of what we’re seeing come out in this lawsuit shows up on faux? Rather than show that they’re allowing the liar fuck to lie some more about J6. Rupert knows his audience intimately. He knows they’re not going anywhere and that they’re not going to other news sources to see any of what is being shown in the lawsuit. Where are they going to go F.F.S.? All of the other rabidly RWNJ shit-shows catering to the idiots of this country won’t be showing this stuff because they’ve been spouting the same lies being spouted on fux: it’ll make them look like dumb-asses.

    • My feelings rxactly. Faux Noise isn’t covering this, but even if they did a 2 minute segment, it would be how mean Dominion is to.be suing them because they were just doing their job. The viewers are conditioned to accept whatever Faux says. They aren’t gonna follow the case but merely take Fair’s report at face value.
      Far worse is the fact they don’t care if the hosts were lying. Alternative facts.

  2. I understand completely tuck. I hate everything you’ve done. I hate everything you stand for. I hate your arrogance and indifference to the suffering you cause. I hate your smug entitled attitude. I hate your lies, & your privilege to tell those lies without repercussions. I hate your voice, your facial expressions, and, frankly, I hate you. I understand hate in a way I didn’t before thanks to you. I can only hope I can say the lines Robert the Bruce uttered in Braveheart to his dying father, who had convinced him to betray William Wallace to increase his wealth and power. ” My hate will die with you.”


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