It took the Titanic less than three hours to crack up and sink beneath the waves after Captain Smith steered it into an iceberg.

Captain Nunes of Truth Social is unavailable for comment about the condition of his cyber vessel, Truth Social, but there must be trouble because Donald Trump is telling people to get in the lifeboats.

If this doesn’t scream Abandon Ship! I don’t know what does.

Mon, they’re in trouble plenty to post this.

Truth Social was going to save itself with advertising. I guess that gambit didn’t work out so well. Or, maybe the SEC decided that the merger between Truth Social and the SPAC that was going to bring it public was in fact as illegal as it appeared on its face. The SEC stepped up its investigation this summer. The focus of the review seems to be on whether the two sides negotiated before DWAC went public, which would be illegal.

Expect to hear something on this today, because I can’t believe that Trump is telling everybody to go over to if all is well in Mudville.

And here’s a thought: what about Devin? Devin is going to be unemployed. Anybody have a job for Devin? I’ll bet right about now he’s kicking himself in the a$$ for leaving his cushy sinecure in Congress. Oh, well. Maybe he’ll do a Michael Cohen 180 and tell us all we want to know about Trump. We already know that everything Trump touches dies.

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  1. The sniveling shithead has done dirty work under the table when he was in congress to help orange hitler avoid consequences of his collusion with russia to steal 2016. Charge him! Mooo.

  2. Countdown to…(Trump saying) Truth Social? Never heard of it. Oh, that thing Devin Nunes tried to start on my behalf? Is that what it was called? And you’re saying I posted on it? I have staff to do stuff like that for me. Give me their names. You know how I love saying You’re fired and I’d sure as hell fire anyone on my staff dumb enough to given anything Nunes was involved with the time of day!

  3. “The Office of Donald J. Trump is committed to preserving the magnificent legacy of the Trump Administration, while at the same time advancing the America First agenda.” This is the first sentence that greets you on I didn’t see any list of what this magnificent legacy entails, but I’m sure they’ll think of something.

    • It’s easy to create things that don’t exist but most especially former guy’s legacy. By now I’m sure it includes building the ark, moving the mountain to Mohamed, discovering electricity…

    • The mystery to me is WHY they aren’t paying the hosting provider. Last I knew, they only were behind about $1.6 million and Trump can raise that in one day, we are told. So what is the problem?

      I mean, that is chump change for somebody with a war chest his size so I wonder what is really going on. There has to be something, unless he just felt like directing everybody to 45 Office for the heck of it, while coincidentally there’s all the back debt and SEC activity going on at the same time. Right.


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