I may have to lie down. If there is one thing that I would bet everything I know on, what little that is, is the proposition that there is no.effing.way that an advanced civilization would see Donald Trump as anything other than what he is, and what we see: a liar, a deadbeat, a huckster, and a child. And that’s for openers.

C.S. Lewis wrote of universal morality. I think it’s fair to say that other civilizations, containing beings such as ourselves will contain core values such as the ones we hold dear, truth, freedom, kindness, cooperation. Trump is going to fall on his ass with the higher beings of another world just like he has fallen on his ass with the beings on this one.

This delusional elevation of Trump into some kind of cosmic citizen, sought out by superior intelligences is the stuff of comedy — but you know that the painter of this piece was on the level.

I speculate that this is another one of the McNaughton paintings, although I have not seen this one credited to him. Maybe it just hasn’t posted yet. Or maybe he has inspired a copycat.

Twitter, of course, is rolling on the ground. Here’s a jewel of a piece credited to the X-Files. I never saw this one.


Here’s a MAGA talking about space ships. Trigger warning for racist drivel. It goes with the territory with these people.

I hope that’s a cookbook Trump is holding and I hope they make Trump fricasee, baked Trump, boiled Trump, Trump chops — and hey! Trump Steaks! With Galactic Sauce!

This weekend is getting off to a weird start.

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