This is going to be fun. As you’ve undoubtedly found out, CNN will air a debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in Atlanta on June 2. The debate moderators will be CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. This ought to give Trump’s hemorrhoids hemorrhoids. The debate, the first of two scheduled so far, will air at 9 p.m. ABC will air the second debate, on September 10.

This is not Tapper or Bash’s first go-round at moderating debates together. The two hosted the GOP presidential primary debate in Iowa in January — a “fiery spectacle that  Trump declined to attend as he had a stranglehold on his party’s nomination,” The Daily Beast reports. But I’m more than willing to believe Trump also avoided the debate because he’s scared sh*tless of Tapper, who’s no easy pushover.

Tapper, who hosts The Lead on CNN during the week has become known for his hard-nosed questioning of guests, especially politicians. He also hosts CNN’s popular show State of The Union, on Sundays. Bash is the host of CNN’s Inside Politics and is a regular contributor elsewhere on the network.

Both have a habit of not putting up with b.s. so I’m willing to bet Trump is angry that he didn’t get to choose someone who’d ask him softball questions. And let’s face it, even though Trump continually nitpicks Biden’s age (though he’s not much younger himself), Biden will walk all over him with cleats on during the debate. Trump can barely get through a speech without some spectacular word strangulations.

Of course, while in and out of office, Trump has gone ballistic on CNN whenever it publishes a negative story about him. He has savaged CNN journalists, including Bash and Tapper, and this is pretty routine for him. He’ll undoubtedly do this all the way up to the debate.

Trump will undoubtedly be ticked off that he can’t play the bombastics game in front of a crowd because CNN announced the event will be hosted without an audience.

So this debate is definitely good news because Biden and Trump indicated earlier that they didn’t plan to participate in the Commission On Presidential Debates’ proposed schedule.

I just know Biden will kick Trump to the curb. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

And Biden has something to say about the debate.

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  1. That’s the Joe Biden I’d like to see more of. trump doesn’t have the brains or the b8lls to debate him and knows it. What will be his excuse for canceling?

  2. Anyone take a bet that Don the Con will have a severe attack of chronic bone spur-itis when the debate is due and he will be too ill to attend?

    • He’s already trying to finagle his way out of it, after spending all that time yapping about how he wanted to debate Biden.

      • Something tells me, Trump has just pulled another box-canyon visit … One where the, “Bad guys”, lined up around the cliff sides are holding Sharps rifles, old guns, well made, very accurate at long-distant shots …

        Those, “Bad Guys”, lead by Mr. Smith … Who, just intoned, “Ready, load”, “Aim” …
        All of those “BAD”, guys, all of our stars in our House of Reps, with every one well prepared to drop Trump like a dirty rag in the workshop, will surely expand on everything Biden uses against Trump in ANY debate, and I believe Trump will emerge a trembling old man, confused as usual, unable to communicate in English, babbling, drooling and of course, loading his diaper …

        For all his, “BIG TALK”, Trump has shown repeatedly, that is all it is, his tarnished, antique rhetoric, is now a NOTHING BURGER, for his Magats … He will enjoy all the cat-calls, whistles and name calling in prison … 🙂 🙂

        Diaper Don has truly earned every vocal hammering he gets …


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