I don’t know what this fixation that Donald Trump has with sharks is all about. Perhaps his niece the psychologist could chime in and let us know. Trump’s in Las Vegas today and he’s raving about strange things, his uncle at MIT, who was a genius but not as big a genius as he is, of course. There’s a big battery involved in this story, too. I think it’s a boat battery. No, I can’t make heads nor tail out of it, but why don’t you listen and give it a shot?

Um…Donald? This is a landlocked state, nobody is worried about sharks per se. Unless they find their way to Lake Tahoe or Lake Mead, nobody really gives a rats azz about sharks. Or boat batteries. A discussion of climate change and keeping enough water here to sustain life is far more on point.

It’s 100 degrees in the shade, which is down from 109 earlier this week. I can’t believe he’s wearing a coat.

The big question in Vegas today is whether Trump will finally endorse former U.S. Army Capt. SAM BROWN, the more establishment-aligned candidate in Nevada’s GOP Senate primary on Tuesday. Trump has declined to weigh in; his onetime ambassador to Iceland, JEFF GUNTER, and election denier JIM MARCHA, a former state rep, are also running.

Last minute lobbying could be in play: The host of a Trump fundraiser last night, DON AHERN, is backing Gunter, who also attended the exclusive event. Both Gunter and Brown will be at the rally today, per The Hill, potentially making for awkward optics.

Landing a Trump endorsement of Brown has been a top priority for NRSC Chairman STEVE DAINES (R-Mont.), who not only helped recruit Brown but has personally encouraged Trump to throw his weight behind him.

Washington Republicans believe they have a better-than-projected chance of ousting incumbent Democratic Sen. JACKY ROSEN with Brown on the ballot — given his personal story of sacrifice and military service (he was left permanently scarred by third-degree burn wounds after surviving an explosion in Afghanistan) and his potential cross-aisle appeal. (There’s also a belief that the romance between him and his wife, who cared for him during his recovery, will melt voters’ hearts.)

That’s from Politico Playbook. And yes, these GOP candidates are dying to have the endorsement of shark fantasy man. That is their fondest wish, please God, let shark fantasy man pick me. I want to be the annoited one. That is the state of the GOP.


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  1. Build a wall around Nevada to save the rest of us from land sharks…remember the old SNL skit of a shark ringing the doorbell, and when asked ‘who is it?’, the shark said, ‘candygram’! The good old days…

  2. He is delusional, in the throws of dementia, crazy as a shit house rat. This is settled-he is unfit to be out alone without his caretaker. That’s not the problem. The problem is millions of voters think Von Shitzinpants, Mr. Cray-cray, should be in the oval which indicates there are millions of people who also should not be allowed out without a caretaker.

  3. In fairness to him, he’s so demented he doesn’t know what state he’s in (hint Donald, state of confusion).
    Last week he was speaking at a rally in Arizona and thought he was in Texas.
    But Joe Biden is the one with dementia. Got it.


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