Trump toady Richard Grenell was appointed Ambassador to Germany by the Orangeutan in September of 2017 and within hours managed to piss off almost the entirety of the EU’s leadership by basically ordering Germany to stop doing business with Iran.

While serving in that capacity, he was also appointed by the idiot to serve as Acting Director of National Intelligence where he quickly, for his time was short, set about doing drumpf’s dirty work.

“On April 2 and 15, 2020, Grenell acted to declassify several footnotes in a report on FISA abuse released by DOJ Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz.[101][102] He also played a role in the release of 57 transcripts of Russia probe interviews by the House Intelligence Committee.[103][104][105] On May 12, 2020, Grenell declassified the names of Obama administration officials who unmasked Michael Flynn.[106][107] A subsequent Justice Department investigation of Obama administration unmasking concluded in October 2020 with no findings of substantive wrongdoing.[108] On May 19, 2020, Grenell declassified an email that Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice sent to herself.[109] On the day his tenure ended, Grenell declassified several documents related to the Russia probe.[110]“

And today when he saw the photo of evidence of drumpf’s espionage, he broke his neck getting to Twitter to throw up a flack wall of horseshit…

Twitter responded just as quickly.


Looks like.

But don’t worry, he’ll come up with more soon…


But that wouldn’t get him any brown nose points, Brooklyn.


I do wish they could’ve panned in and got snaps of his hamberder greased fingerprints, tho…


Or, as Obama put it, “Where are Biggie and Tupac?”




I suppose Grenell is to be congratulated for giving Faux Spews its talking points for today, all we’ll hear from them for the next 24 hours is “staged photo”.

As in “FBI invades Trump’s privacy, photographs his Time Magazine covers.”

They are nothing if not predictable.

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  1. We DID FIRE the traitor tot which is why YOU don’t have those big job titles Ricky. Take a flying fuck at at a rolling doughnut. Traitor. Sweating much these days?

  2. You grenell, gym jordan, and the rest of you traitorous fucks are going to end up looking like the dumb-asses you all are. I cannot believe just how low you dumb-asses would go to try to paper over your turd emperor’s crimes. And they are crimes. And he will end up behind bars. And hopefully a lot of you people will end up there as well.

    This is not going to be a good look for these dumb-asses. I just hope it’s not a good look for them this November and the voters respond sensibly by getting the entire traitorous party the fuck out of whatever high position they hold.


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