Well, that didn’t take long, barely 12 hours after the FBI raided Donald Trump’s flyspecked dump Mar-A-Lago, die hard supporters are planning “nationwide” protests against ‘FBI tyranny’… this one in Riverside, California…

In case you question the veracity of InMinivanHell’s reporting, here is a Tweet from Toni Ringlein’s own Twitter page…

And here are some of the riches to be mined in her timeline…

Ummm, cupcake, this wasn’t the “deepstate” but the regular old FBI tossing his dump of a golf club, state…

Look, Tomi, I know you are a Fox News reporter, and I don’t expect much, but surely you remember that Don Cornholeone and Epstein were clubbing buddies who allegedly assaulted a teen girl together, and that Epstein was suicided while nominally in the custody of his Attorney General Bill Barr and that Maxwell is now convicted and in jail? Or is that too much to keep in your otherwise empty head?

Nobody is guilty solely by association but “the company you keep” should always be taken into account…

Maybe you should throw in a protest on his account, Toni…

Not easy looking more vapid and brain-dead than the half-Governor, but you pulled it off girl.

Well, there’s a pair that beats a straight…

Cray cray on parade 🙄

I’m afraid we can expect to see a lot more of this in coming days, these nutjobs will defend their pervert God-King to their final breath.

Here are some concerns from InMinivanHell’s followers:

What kind of person poses with a noose? Oh, yeah we saw lots of them in lynching photos…


That’s about the size of it, Lana.

All of the rest of us:

Stay safe until the MAGA shitstorm passes over, folks.

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  1. The magats are getting scared their turd emperor will finally be shown to be wearing…well turds of course. It’d be a great thing if these yahoos would finally believe their deity was a criminal, a con man, a fraud. It’d be great but that would require a level of intelligence as high as what is necessary to open a can of beans. Not sure they have even that much.

  2. By all means, MAGA maggots, go for it! You’ll show up in such underwhelming numbers that the FBI will be able to ID which of you were there on J6.

  3. Arrest ANYONE immediately if in violation of ANY law, especially the local gun laws & the assault statues, which include verbal threats while holding your baby bottle in the shape of an AR15. Weasels all as Frank Zappa used to sing about. RIP Frank

    • Does this include the protestors outside SCOTUS homes and now vacation homes in violation of Federal law.
      Stop acting like you are so high and mighty

      • Cite the specific statute that makes it illegal to protest outside the home of a member of SCOTUS or any other federal official.

        As long as protesters remain on public property, do not impede the progress of traffic or pedestrians going back and forth, do not violate any noise ordinances and comply with any local ordinances (say, requiring a permit, or crowd size) then they can protest anywhere they want. Including outside the homes of ASSHOLE, FASCIST “Justices” of the Supreme Court! If certain so-called Justices have butt-hurt fee fees over being called out for stripping rights from people instead of protecting said rights then they can go fuck themselves. The majority (by quite a bit) of people don’t like them imposing their personal religious beliefs on everyone else. If you don’t like abortion don’t have or facilitate one but don’t deny others the right to make the decision for themselves. If you don’t like birth control then don’t use it, but don’t deny others the right to make their own decisions about having children/family planning. If you don’t like gay marriage then don’t marry someone of the same gender, but don’t deny others the right to marry whomever they choose. If you don’t like inter-racial marriage (with of course an exception carved out for Justic Thomas and perhaps other tokens/Uncle Toms then don’t marry someone of a different race, but don’t deny others the right to do so. I could keep going but do I need to?

      • Let’s see HOW these particular protesters do their protesting. If it is anything like what they did on January 6th, then it is entirely unlike what is being done in front of s.c. homes. There is a marked difference between peaceful protest and its opposite.

        It should further be noted that six un-elected people put on the court by presidents who had NOT won the popular vote (and may not have won it electorally (don’t get me started on that one)) have just gone completely against the will of the people over an issue that WILL kill women and girls. It looks like they are going to go even further on their way to creating a x-tian taliban by allowing states to outlaw birth control and gay marriage (and Loving might be in play as well): when approximately 90% of people approve of something (birth control) and almost 70% are on board with marriage equality you’re going to stir some passions that if peaceful protests in front of s.c. homes is ALL that happens to those justices, they will be EXTREMELY lucky. You don’t stomp on people’s civil rights in blatant disregard for what is actually IN the U.S. Constitution without suffering some retribution. Please remember they based their decision (the six) on religious beliefs and NOT on constitutional reasons. The one who wrote the opinion cited some fool from the 1600’s F.F.S.

        Yes Mr. Kohlhase, there is a difference when people protest against a branch of government gone rogue and people protesting against a law enforcement agency doing its job by collecting classified documents removed to someone’s less than secure personal residence. I will however give these people the unearned benefit of doubt by saying “let’s see what happens”. Hopefully however the L.E.O.’s in the areas where these protests take place are on hand for when things get out of hand.

  4. Let’s remember the “Investigate the Investigators!” was a bust. The outrage in right-wing media is meant to mollify the MAGA crowd, while DeSantis, McConnell, and others in the GOP are quietly cheering. Carry on, AG Garland.

  5. The amount of checking on that warrant would have been amazing: every i checked before being dotted and every t verified before being crossed.
    It wasn’t just the missing docs, or it could have been done months ago. *Something* set this off….

  6. Dino – are you getting paid by the Dems or just that stupid? Stay tuned while we take back the country from you ignorant traitors. Hold on tight to your favorite pronouns.

    • When Trump got Electoral College Elected after losing the popular vote by about three million votes like so many others I was pissed. But that’s our system. Did Obama try to stage a fucking riot and pull other shit so that another Democrat could succeed him? Nope. He and his administration immediately pivoted to trying to assist the transition. Not that much was accomplished specifically because the smooth transition plan Chris Christie had worked out (in conjunction with the Obama administration – it USED to be the case that the transition head of both candidates would work with a current administration prior to an election) and the whole thing went to shit. But THAT was on Trump, or more precisely on his son-in-law.

      Did we protest? Hell yes. We stayed away (like so many REPUBLICANS did – that Mall crowd and parade route were both pretty pathetic!) on Inauguration day but the streets were filled in DC, other major cities in the U.S. and even around the free world the next day to protest Trump’s taking office. Protests. Peaceful ones. NOT riots. NO storming of the Capitol. So go fuck yourself asshole. And when you’re done go fuck your fascist ass again!

      It’s you conservatives who put pressure on SCOTUS to issue the fucked Bush v Gore decision in 2000 (not to mention Bush 43’s baby brother Jeb using the government of the State of Florida to rig things to make it so close there!), then GOP SecState Ken Blackwell to fuck with things in Ohio in 2004. So WE worked our asses off and overwhelmed the ability of you guys to cheat your way to wins in both 2008 and 2012. And in 2016, YOUR side brought in a ringer, a foreign power to help get Trump over the finish line. The only way you guys have been able to win for over twenty years now is to CHEAT!

      So, while I think of it when you go fuck yourself do it with a big ole rusted pipe dipped in an unflushed Trump fake gold toilet filled with his burnt steak and “hamberder” shit. SIDEWAYS!


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