“This is the end, beautiful friend, the end.” — The Doors

Donald Trump is on his last legs. And that is what everyone is hoping for, most of all Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has not come out and openly declared a bid for the presidential nomination in 2024, but he is dancing around it with campaign-like ads. He’s waiting for Trump to fold and then Ron To The Rescue will come out of the wings and take center stage.

This next post will crack you up. This is Trump speak for, “Oh my God, people are not going to go to prison for me. They’re going to flip.”

Yeah, Jack Smith is in there waterboarding Trump employees. Uh huh.

The MAGAs are trying to calm him the hell down. His blood pressure is probably on the moon. If you go to Truth Social right now you’ll see that Real America’s Voice has put up a poll showing that if the nomination were held today 98% would vote for Trump.

The giant hand of karma may be about to strike, in boomerang fashion. Trump told Richard Branson years back that he “loved revenge. I love to screw the people who have screwed me. I like that better than winning.” Branson replied, “That’s not a healthy way to live.” All the karmic debt may be coming due.

We’ll see what kind of condition he’s in tonight at CPAC in front of the “monster” crowd, where Junior has left gold wrapped chocolate bars under the seats and a chance to win an invitation to a VIP reception with the putative GOP candidate.




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  1. I will never ever understand how this whiny bitch is anyone’s idea of a strong man. It boggles the mind the cognitive dissonance required to be a MAGA.

  2. He is just that, a freaking out moron … stupid beyond any other example of a make-believe president spending and losing other people’s money, blatantly running two sets of books, cooked for huge illegal tax dodges …

    Just what is the GOP waiting for? Why not just deliver the kill-shot TRUTH, let the Trump pieces fall where they may … He’s so stupid he probably can’t even push a broom in a long-hall prison, his two priceless sons should also go away, junior is in a permanent fog, Eric has proven to be a confused Android …

    With reporters chasing Republicans down those hallowed halls and not one of them on-the-record saying how really stupid Trump is and always has been … PFFFT!! 🙂

    • I’m not absolutely sure, but his niece, who has all the chops in the family, even writing books about Uncle Trump’s failures and mental instability, could possibly suggest a long visit to a mental institution where, under daily lock down, Trump would not harm himself or others …

      With proper medication, and a padded room for difficult days, and absolutely no more junk food diets, he can be told to sit down and SHUT- T**- F**K UP …

      About 20 years to life retention to normalize him, (We all know that would not happen), and with his current physical stress zone, chances are, with days of NOT being the star he needs to be, he will soon self destruct … the only way the DOJ could allow this option would be alternate same time in prison without possibility of parole … too light a sentence by any means, but, the way he is going, he may cheat us all with a covid induced fatal heart attack …

  3. “Torture my people into telling lies”???????????????

    They’re perfectly happy doing it with no pressure at all (after all, Don John is an adept at doing just that)


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