This is a scream. The yous and mes that read political blogs and keep up on Washington doings think that we’re about to witness a John Dean moment, or maybe a second John Dean moment, (counting Cassidy Hutchinson as the first) when White House counsel Pat Cipollone takes the stand on July 6th.

We are not alone. Donald Trump is anticipating the same thing as well. Or, he’s anticipating something very very bad, let’s just say that much.

Can everybody see the little box with the letters OBJ after the words “White House counsel?” I don’t know what it means. Anybody here got any ideas? Could it be that Truth Social has some mechanism for questionable comments and Trump wrote something “objectionable?” I am totally guessing.

That is Trumpty Dumpty’s reaction. He is undoubtedly having vertigo and seeing pools of orange egg yolks, or maybe prison bars, every time he closes his eyes, unless I miss my guess.

Now Truth Social is not like Twitter. Truth Social has zero snappy repartee. There is a lot of idiocy on Twitter but there is also some terrific commentary. Some of the threads I’ve read on Twitter have been as good as any blog I’ve ever encountered, or any article by the best political pundits. In fact, some of the Twitter threads I speak of have been penned by these same pundits. There is zero intellectual depth on Truth Social.

Plus, Trump has his saboteurs on Truth Social. One of them posted this underneath the Truth I copied above.

Kind of hard to lead the troops when there is propaganda like this countermanding and undermining your narrative. I’m sure that he will ban the perpetrator of this meme, but hey, the damage is done, right?

Yep, they caught the Democrat behind enemy lines.

Think of Twitter done by 8-year-olds and that’s Truth Social.

I think the J6 Committee may have spoiled Trumpty’s 4th of July. Sad. But you get the idea, from the desperate level of this rant and his weak rationale why Cipollone should not be subpoenaed that Trump is scared.


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  1. Yes.

    Yes, because you thought no one could touch you. Yes, because you never allowed anyone smarter than you to survive in your orbit. Yes, because a lifetime of privilege distorted your view of the world to the point where it was always going to destroy you. Yes, because the political party you used and abused intends to survive and that means getting rid of you. Yes, because the people you always hated and always hated you back have been waiting for this moment for so long. Yes, because you never understood that you were never the State.

    Yes, yes…YES.

      • Thank you, Carla. It was heavily inspired by a similarly structured internal dialogue in V For Vendetta (that is, the original comic series written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd), coming from the mind of a beaten down, angry woman on her way to gunning down the Leader, head of a fascist government in post-nuclear war England. It also used the refrain of “Yes, because” to start each sentence to convey the smoldering, building rage that finally spills out the barrel of her gun. The last three yeses were a direct quotation from that scene.

        That said, I doubt Trump would ever be worth the bullet. As we are about to see, there are many ways to inflict punishment to someone like this that would make death a blessing.

  2. On a less serious note, Ursula, the OBJ bit probably means “object”, like a picture or an emoji. Given Truth Social’s crap IT, it’s probably another malfunction.

  3. Someone needs to tell Trump that PRECEDENT has already been set when it comes to a WH Counsel (or their underlings) having to testify in Congress and in Court even when a President they serve objects.

    He has KEN STARR to thank for going to court and getting actual legal precedent for it. Usually Congress and the WH would quietly work out something both could live with and it’s even happened since. But the courts have rules on the matter and if a subpoena is issued then a WH Counsel or others in that office have to show up. And either tell what they know or plead the 5th, which won’t bode well for them when their Bar Association conducts a hearing on whether they can keep practicing law!

    I want to see Inspector Javert aka Ken Starr’s face plastered over the news in the days ahead. Clips of him justifying going to court in the first place. Clips of him questioning Clinton’s WH Counsel in prime time. If Trump wants to vent, at least let him know who to blame! A hard-core conservative REPUBLICAN who lest we forget had a couple of other Fascist Federalist Society Fuckwads working with him at the time helping him get that ruling from the courts. You might have heard of them. They were young guns back then, hard-core do ANYTHING it takes cause it’s Clinton types. One’s name was Roberts (John). The other was Kavanaugh. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Yep. They now sit on the highest Court in the land!

    The boomerang is headed right up conservative’s ass on this one!

    • Kind of funny for Trump to even be using the word “precedent” when HIS Supreme Court folks have chosen to completely SHRED precedent when it comes to Court rulings. SCOTUS has ruled several times this week that it–at least the “Constitutional Originalists” on the Court–does not respect “precedent” any longer.

      • On that note, I truly see the overturn of Roe V Wade as this century’s Dredd Scott decision. It’s going to galvanize the opposition in ways the Republicans never saw coming and really, really should have.

    • It ALWAYS boomerangs like that, Denis, when comes to American conservatives. To use a less serious example from the same period, the Republican Congress passes a line item veto (essentially allowing the President to take out parts of a bill he doesn’t like) in such a way as it would only come into effect after the 1996 election. They thought they had enough to sink Bill Clinton but…well, we know how that worked out for him and he wasted no time using the line item veto himself. They then beat a hasty retreat from the whole idea and SCOTUS later ruled it unconstitutional.

      So such epic fails go with the territory.

  4. Donny dimwit needs to realize Pat has been subpoenaed to appear before a congressional committee. His options are: appear or go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect squat. Well, go to jail if the J6 committee plays that card.

    The only reason not to comply is because he thinks he’ll get hired by another ‘pube pol or something else connected with them. Ms. Hutchinson likely screwed her chances of any high level work like she had at the W.H. Pat might just be looking to the future and seeing it would be totally f*cked if he complies with the committee’s subpoena. I reckon we’ll see tho’.

    • Much as I would like to, I cannot blame diaper don for global inflation. The recession our nation was headed for in 2019? Yeah, that can be laid on his doorstep due to his dumb-f*ck decisions.

      As for doing anything for the American people–only those with millions or billions of $$’s. I know you magats want to ascribe noble….ok, good motives to the mango moron but after a while, you just sound as stupid as he does every time he opens that pie hole of his.


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