You would think Donald Trump would be on his social media site defending himself after the pyrotechnic day that this has been. You would be wrong. Oh, he’s over there, demanding that Michael Cohen be charged with perjury and taking his best shot at Ron DeSantis (who might as well mark this day in history as the date his presidential ambitions evaporated and reality came home to roost.)

But mostly what Trump is doing is talking about hits on I Tunes and Apple.

One day, long after most of us are gone, a black comedy will be written about these times, just as the black comedy, Gaslit, was made last year about the Watergate break in. When that comedy about Trump is made, this post will feature in it, to show the man’s state of mind as the noose began to tighten around his neck.

This is something that I wish Mary Trump would chime in on. I would love to get her take on this, because what I get from this is on some delusional level, Trump thinks his popularity is going to save him. If only he gets high enough ratings at his rallies, if his campaign ads become clever memes and are watched on I Tunes, then he will be safe. It’s completely batshit.

Here’s his latest tap dance on DeSantis’ grave. DeSantis is toast.

DeSantis did his duty today by calling the hearing in New York, “a manufactured circus by some Soros D.A.” but he didn’t come out and express solidarity with Trump. That’s got him in the crosshairs of MAGA right now. 

One Republican consultant who has been in touch with multiple 2024 hopefuls said that the efforts by Trump’s allies to force a response from DeSantis amounted to a new test for the Florida governor as he prepares for a White House bid.

“Hat tip to the Trump team for forcing him out of his safe area,” the consultant said. “They’re not necessarily trying to boost Trump in the eyes of Republicans so much as they are to make the case that Ron DeSantis isn’t ready for prime time.”

“This is going to test Ron DeSantis’s nascent presidential campaign from a communications perspective in a way that it just hasn’t been tested yet.”

DeSantis can play autocrat effectively in Florida. That’s because Florida is a locked up tight deep red state. DeSantis isn’t ready for national politics, for much of the same reason Mike Pence isn’t, he’s simply not speaking the common vernacular that is needed for politics at that level. Make America Florida is not a winning strategy.

Trump’s trouncing DeSantis right now and DeSantis is sitting there, not knowing what else to do and the rest of the GOP is like the deer in the headlights. They’re paralyzed by the spectacle of Trump and they have no idea which direction to jump.

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  1. I also would like to hear from Mary Trump about her asshole uncle and all that he has been doing and saying for the last six or more months. I am sure that anything which she might say would be very interesting.


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