In order to do mental gymnastics or linguistic gymnastics, you have to have a mind and speak a language. El Caudillo de Mar-a-Lago doesn’t quality on either score and so the result is unintended and hilarious.

Here is his latest statement, dutifully reported on Twitter.

Nobody’s got enough brains to take it down.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, right?

What do you expect? He’s so preoccupied with his trip to Japan. He’s got his black belt now, right? That will really impress them when they find out it’s honorary — if they don’t already know.

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  1. IF he were to spend the money out of pocket a trip to Japan would cost, or can con someone else into picking up the tab bragging about his (bogus) black belt in a KOREAN martial art would be funny as hell! The Japanese would be “yugely” insulted and in more than one way. But the biggest insult of all is that Japan is arguably the most racist society on the planet. When they refer to non-Japanese or even those not pure blooded as gajin (which roughly translates to barbarian) they pretty much mean their race is superior to all others and it’s questionable as to whether others are even fully human. What REALLY bugs the shit out of them is that genetically Japanese people are descendants of early Koreans.

    Trump, even if someone were to tell him so probably wouldn’t be able to resist talking up his black belt and I can guarantee you the temperature in the room and probably all of Japan will drop to damn near Absolute Zero. But of course he won’t actually go. Not without an entire apparatus of the State Department catering to his every whim. And I rather doubt some rich asshole is going to pony up the cost of a plane with amenities comparable to the jets in the Presidential Fleet for a flight of that length. And having to have stopovers because even if the tab were covered by someone the Air Force wouldn’t in-flight refuel a private jet like that even if it had the capability. Can you imagine the tantrums Trump would throw over having to have one or more stopovers for refueling?

    • Tribalism is a hallmark of humanity. The folks in Japan are no different. Everyone thinks their little club is the best because, reasons.

      As for the rich a-holes any and everywhere, I make book someone will pony up the bucks unless it makes no difference whether TFG is actually present or being broadcast to the country.

      More pertinent is this: when is our legitimate government going to put an end to his little “diplomacy” junkets?

  2. I’d like to be “friends” with the both you (Spike and delliott) on Facebook! You both amaze me with your comments and outlooks… you are both “right on”!


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