You are about to witness a new low in Trump Delusional Behavior. He issued one of his *presidential* edicts early this morning and he’s going to take on the January 6 Committee. As with all things Trump, only seeing is believing and even then you’re not sure whether to trust your eyes. Here goes.

He is gone. And when I say gone, I mean screaming, out of his emm effing mind, banana fanna mo manna bonkers. He’s actually announcing that he’s going to relitigate January 6 a few days after the New Year.

Fine. Please proceed. Engage. Whatever real leaders say in times like this.

And here’s a little after thought that he decided to tag along with his bombshell.

Now you can read the obvious between the lines. Trump is hopping mad. If I had to venture at what, my call is going to be Letitia James and Cyrus Vance and their respective investigations.

So I think that where he’s coming from today is that if he huffs and puffs and threatens to blow the J6 Committee down, two things will be accomplished: 1. He detracts from the negative publicity coming out of New York and 2. He is able to argue his witch hunt theme. He, Trump, is blameless, but the Forces Of Evil, in the shape of Demoncrats, RINOs, and Letitia James riding a broomstick, are out to get poor Donald. So he’s gonna show ’em all on January 6.

Be there or be square. It should be just like WrestleMania, where they promise action action action. This is going to be CoupMania where Trump promises deflection deflection deflection.

The man is seriously ill and the closer he gets to serious legal jeopardy the more unglued he’s going to become. Watch.

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  1. I think it would be most interesting if the 1-6 Committee issued their recommendation for criminal prosecution in the middle of Trump-O’s little press conference…….

    …..could be as good as a perp walk out of MAGAt-Largo.

  2. The prosecutions up in New York, the State’s and the Manhattan DA’s are one thing. Trump has known about all the developments pretty much as they’ve taken place as he’s actually got decent lawyers who would know where thing stand, and where they’ve been headed. Yes, things are seemingly heating up and/or coming to a head but this isn’t news to Trump. At least (to me) something that would make him lose his shit. However, he might have gotten what in federal prosecutions is known as a Target Letter, a formal notice that he’s being investigated and a formal warning that messing with records or witnesses is going to cause him even bigger problems. Trump knows all about these things. He’s been able to skate in the past but he went and got into not just politics but the WH and that’s changed the equation for him. This time it’s something he can’t make go away, and the fact he was able to wield the DOJ as his own personal defense firm only to now (possibly) having it targeting him IS the kind of thing that would send him round the bend and lose whatever is left of his mind.

    • I have to agree, if the committee choice is to wait till after the first day of the year 2022 to throw that huge heavy book of Trump’s criminality at him in a Court sanctioned action, with roundup permissions so he HAS to appear for the lambasting, the babbling, drooling fool will probably have to be in chains with a couple monster Marshal’s containing him … maybe Schiff has everything ready to go, just waiting for a special few guilty parties to be charged as well …

      It will be a beautiful sight for sure, immediate holding tank for as long as the sentencing takes without possibility of parole, escort to the hall way, would generate sobs and crocodile tears, the poor me stunt of the years, recorded and entered into the National archives – tut-tut-Har-Har …

  3. Now let me see if I can understand the logic here. He’s claiming the NY state administration isn’t allowed to examine his state tax returns (or maybe he’s worried they’ll find that second set of books with his real income). He’s begged (and got) millions from the sheeple who think they’re donating to his (as yet unannounced) campaign – and he’s dangling that in front of a bunch of (normally) highly paid legal eagles (what’s the betting on him stiffing them if he goes down for tax dodging, claiming ‘they didn’t do a good enough job’?)

    Again – whoever heard of anyone taking a prosecutor to court to stop the aforementioned prosecutor taking them to court?

    He reminds me of an eel when it’s caught on a fish hook – it twists and turns in every direction to get off it (and usually fails)

    • Trump should be held accountable for his misdeeds. But that will not change wingnuttia or his delusional, conspiracy-loving “base” — They will still be around, and like the January 6 rioters, some are prone to violence. I just read a story about harassment of poll workers and even some voters by a Rwnj in California, with no immediate consequences. Thanks in large part to the FG, we will continue to face challenges to the orderly democratic processes we once took for granted.


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