Only seeing is believing. It’s another magical day with the cult. This masterpiece was unveiled outside the Manhattan Criminal Courts building today and it’s called “Cry Baby.” The Cry Baby in question is Robert DeNiro. DeNiro is taking a lot of heat from MAGAts these days and I respect the hell out of the man. He was completely disinterested in talking to the press about anything pre-Trump. He was one of those starts who wanted to be left alone, ala Greta Garbo. But when Trump got elected, DeNiro did a 180. He began to speak out. This drawing depicts a much younger DeNiro and a Trump that never existed.


Referring to Trump’s successful 2016 run for president, Academy Award winner De Niro said Trump’s candidacy was initially laughed off as a joke.
“We’ve forgotten the lessons of history that showed us other clowns who weren’t taken seriously until they became vicious dictators,” he said. “With Trump we have a second chance and no one is laughing now. This is the time to stop him by voting him out once and for all.”
If Trump returns to the White House, he said, Americans could see the civil liberties they take for granted evaporate as well as the end of elections.
“If he gets in, I can tell you right now, he will never leave,” said DeNiro.
[Michael] Fanone and [Harry] Dunn [January 6 Capitol Police officers) delivered emotional remarks, saying violence at the Capitol was fueled by Trump’s lies that the 2020 election was stolen. The speakers were heckled by a Trump supporter as pro-Trump demonstrators chanted in the background.
Tragically, this is how divided we are. The MAGAs hate DeNiro in particular because he pulls no punches — no pun intended. I think the best line DeNiro ever said about Trump was that he could never play Trump because, “He doesn’t have a single redeeming human quality.” This is from a man who could find redeeming qualities in Al Capone, in order to play him as a three dimensional character. Wow.
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  1. My money is on DeNiro. Trump reminds me of the really fat Scottish fighter in Austin Powers, except for the character actually being in the ring baby!

  2. And the biopic of Trump’s life will be called “Raging Boor.” Because he is vulgar bully boy and thug. Or “Raging Bore.” Because he is so predictable,, and we long for him to vanish and STFU.

  3. The delusion is strong in this cult.

    Here’s my question (s): what will happen to the cult members when Von Shitz is not elected? Also–what will happen to the cult members when he is finally where he belongs–in prison or in some sort of custodial situation (while I think he needs to be in a prison when convicted, that might not be the consensus of those in charge of sentencing him so something like house arrest might be likely)? Will they scurry back into the woodwork? Will they wise up? Will they continue to be a pain in the ass fomenting insurrections, violence, etc.?

    Seems like everyone is preparing themselves for the slight possibility Von Shitz might get into the w.h. again but nobody mentions what we might have to deal with if/when he doesn’t.

  4. I suspect that LE across the country will be a lot better prepared to deal with another attempt at anyJanuary 6th style demonstrations that MAGA supporters might undertake, and I suspect that many John and Jane MAGAs will keep in mind the ongoing convictions of those participating in the original uprising, especially if more than the usual swing states go blue on November 5, which I expect will keep the size and violence level of any demonstrations at manageable levels.

    I hope I’m not wrong about that…..


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