Another weird vignette in a lifetime of weird vignettes. Donald Trump turns 78 in a few days. On June 14 to be precise. He’s getting around to rallies these days, when he isn’t busy playing golf. The clip you’re about to see is from one of those rallies and it is oddball. It’s from a few days ago in Phoenix. That was the rally where people were keeling over, but Trump didn’t care because he was flying to San Francisco later on to meet with billionaires. But there was this moment, which the Lincoln Project picked up on.

That is Joe Arpaio, racist extraordinaire, so of course Trump loves him. This next clip will make you throw up. It’s literally good ole white boy time.

If Trump is your only hero, in your life, your life has been shit. It’s not a life I would want to live. And John McCain’s name got dragged in here. That’s a mistake. McCain was a giant in Arizona. I don’t think the MAGAs trashing him is a good idea. I have always been of that mind. And who knows? Trump may have lost Arizona in 2020 and may lose it again for exactly this level of stupidity. I still go along with a comment that was made at the Democratic convention in 2016. I can’t remember if Hillary said it or who did, but the comment was, “Donald Trump is not fit to wipe John McCain’s boots.” That’s about the size of it.

Trump will speak virtually tomorrow to a group that favors the complete eradication of abortion. I do not expect that that stance will be very popular in the fall at the polls. Let’s see what Trump does with it.


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  1. Does the mental midget we call speaker of the house realize he’s supporting a closet bisexual? Hey mikey…get on your special God phone and find out what the Almighty has to say about that! Oh, that’s right…you already know homosexuality is a sin since a city was destroyed for that reason. Uh oh spagettio!

    • On the one side we have Trump, everyone already knows he was and still is a pedophile, drooling over the 14-15-16 YO girls he sees, he was in heaven when he, “owned”, the beauty program, where he walked into the changing room of the young women, “because he was the boss”, as he has been heard to say … Add to that his uncaring, “Walk right up to a woman, grab her by her privates and kiss her, they love that if you are a star …”

      His closet must be huge to hold all his dirty laundry, I can’t imagine the horror of the house- keepers having to deal with his loaded drawers …

      They will just burn his underwear at the asylum … Such a winner for the GOP !! 🙂 🙂


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