Maybe this is Trump world karma coming along. As you recall, right-wing media made a big deal out of black pilots. Then Stephen Miller put out an ad saying that if you were a white man denied flight training by United to contact him at once. Seems there’s something about either God-given or inalienable constitutional rights to be white and fly a plane. Or something. In any event, WFLA is reporting that Trump Force One clipped a parked jet with its winglet. It was not known if Trumpty Dumpty was onboard. It was also not known if Eric was in the cockpit, asserting his natural born right as a white man to fly. (Hey, Eric, you don’t need a plane to fly, just tape on some wings and go off the Trump Tower penthouse balcony.)

Trump better call Saul, and soon. Here, let’s rub salt in the wound. Here are some Black pilots.

Here’s the origin of the Black pilot mess, if you missed it.

The Black lesbian crack is comical. If the surgeon is a competent surgeon, that’s all that matters. S/he can be not to your taste on other levels, but if you get the skill you came for, you’ve gotten the benefit of your bargain. Ben Carson is a moron in my view, but evidently he’s got skills as a neurosurgeon, so I give him credit for professional competence. Nothing else, but professional competence, yes.

Herschel Walker, same thing. A complete fool in my view, but he played his sport well. That’s what he was paid to do.

The message from right-wingnuttia seems to be that if you’re a person that is socially unacceptable in their world for some reason, then you have no right to hold a good job, even if you’re fully trained and capable of performing the job. That is bigotry.

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  1. Pity that kirk idiot hasn’t seen the latest research about surgical outcomes: you have better outcomes after surgeries performed by majority female teams. Here’s to hoping he needs surgery soon and demands an all-male surgical team. If we’re lucky the team will sew he pie-hole shut.


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