I am not an attorney and so I am gonna post a thread from one so you can follow what she is saying.

But first, I am gonna try summarize what drumpf’s legal team said in their letter to the Special Master today, regarding the SM’s request that they provide him with details of just how the documents were declassified…that being kinda important as to his claim that they were “his” and should get them back…

They basically said that providing the Special Master with those details would disclose their defenses ahead of a probable indictment, and that the Special Master was a big doo-doo head for even asking, and BTW, they don’t want Judge Reinhart, whose jurisdiction the alleged crime was committed in and whose purview it would be to rule on whether the documents that drumpf said he declassified but won’t offer proof that he did so, ruling on whether he gets them back ‘cause he’s a big doo-doo head too…

Sorry for the legalese.

Katie S. Phang:

As I read this drumpf and his legal team are saying that although they asked for a Special Master they are not willing to submit to his requests and just need a little more time to Judge Shop before they can reveal their super secret magic declassification elixir in a friendly court.

Tell me where I’m wrong.

Oh yeah?

Says who?

Which drumpf is the king of, his speeches are one digression to another.


Hear, hear.

I think this about sums it up…

Tomorrow’s hearing should be interesting.

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  1. The documents never belonged to Traitor Tot. And Traitor Tot cannot declassify documents just by saying that they are declassified! There are procedures that must be followed, and he did not follow them. Plus the fact that there are empty folders means that there are still missing documents. Are they hidden on other of Traitor Tot’s properties? In Ivana’s casket? Or maybe he has sold or given them to Putin, or other enemy nations? He is after all a PROVEN TRAITOR!!

  2. All you have to do is say it. Yep, that sums up tfg’s belief that he is king and unfortunately, it’s been working for him. His orange tainted sheep believe everything he tells them.

  3. Declassified Trump. Strip him of his title and abolish the previous name as a President and replace it with Traitor Trump cuz that’s what heis and always has been. A traitor who falsified the nation and embarrassed us all!

  4. Diapers cannot provide proof he declassified the documents because he did no such thing. I feel quite confident he did not know such a mechanism was required for certain documents. This upheaval caused by his usual stupidity could very well be the first time anyone has explained to him in words of very few syllables that declassification is required for certain documents. Of course the term “declassification” probably had his eyes glazing over after the first “i”.

    Not sure who the poor schmucks are representing him now but it seems like Diaper’s massive stupidity is contagious.

    • Am I missing something here? Traitor Tot seems to think that if he declassified the classified docs — which he didn’t — that would mean they were now his personal property — which it wouldn’t — and therefore he did not steal them — which he did. And the other docs were not even classified — so, no problem! WTF?


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