This is coming  from Politico and not Trump’s swamp fevered imagination so you can trust the accuracy a bit more.

INDICTMENT WATCH — No former president has ever been charged with a crime. But a grand jury indictment of former President Donald Trump could break that streak this week.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is expected to bring a criminal charge against Trump for his involvement with a $130,000 hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Law enforcement officials from the NYPD and U.S. Secret Service, along with other court officials, met this afternoon at NYPD headquarters to game plan for the politically charged indictment, according to POLITICO reporting.

Trump will be finger-printed and his mug shot will be taken, though he won’t have a “perp walk” and may not be handcuffed. After Trump called for protests in New York on Saturday on Truth Social, the NYPD today erected steel barricades outside Manhattan Criminal Court. The indictment is expected on Wednesday evening.

As I said the other day, look out Mona Lisa. You may be the most famous and most-photographed image on the planet but not after Wednesday night when the Trump mug shot gets out. I expect it to break the internet.

Meanwhile, the turnout at the Young Republicans Club protest has five times more reporters than supporters. Umm….not a good ratio?

But be of good cheer. There’s a guy dressed like a rat and another guy playing a banjo and singing a song about “hang Fauci.” Some entertainment content, right?



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  1. Slapping down a criminal fascist is messy. Who expected otherwise? Let’s just hope this isn’t the last charge.



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