Donald Trump has denied calling military people suckers and losers. And well he should. That was a terrible thing when he said it and it only resonates more awfully as time goes by. It shows him to be the cowardly, disrespectful troll that he is. The thing about Trump is that he grew up in a bubble where he was a king. Then he expanded that bubble to this TV persona he created on The Apprentice. And that’s as far as it should have gone. But when Trump got into politics, the same wise cracking modus operandi that worked for him at one time became his worse detriment. John Kelly was the one who blew the whistle on the suckers and losers crack but he was far and away not the only one.

Comically, Steve Bannon has been proposed, by Megan Kelly at least, to take over as Trump’s campaign manager. Bannon does see the Trump phenomenon with clear eyes and then his cynicism causes him to twist it into something its not for profit. I guess you have to give him a hand. Also Alex Jones, the same thing. They are both masters at exploitation of the stupid in America.

Pre-Trump charlatans like Bannon and Jones were known to be that. Jones was considered something to listen to for off the wall entertainment and he used to be that. I remember one of his pieces on space aliens being in league with Satan to take over the planet. That had some amusement value.

But when InfoWars got press credentials to the White House and Steve Bannon had an office in the West Wing, then things got wildly out of hand. And that is what will happen again, except this time on steroids, if Trump gets back in.

Trump as entertainment and pretense is fine. Bannon and Jones as entertainment and pretense is fine. Any of them in government or having any power to affect peoples’ lives on any level other than entertainment is deadly.

We saw that all too clearly in 2020 when COVID hit. People began dying, thousands a day. Refrigeration trucks were used for morgues. The likes of Jared Kushner and his buddies were placed in charge of crucial medical supplies. The pandemic got botched, yet both Trump and Kushner went on TV to talk about how great things were and all that they achieved.

Kushner personally was in charge of a COVID program which was going to provide drive-thru testing such as they had in South Korea at the time. This was supposed to be a national program. He managed to open up three in California before the entire plan was scrapped. I don’t even want to ask how much taxpayer money was wasted.

Government is not a game for amateurs. It emphatically is not a place where somebody with Trump’s track record of corruption and illegality belongs. Yet, as we have seen for the past nine years, there he is. Because the GOP managed to finally collapse and when it did the only man left standing was the TV game show host. He and he alone had the name recognition and the persona to be considered seriously by what we left of the GOP, and that is the lunatic fringes of that party. To them he appeals and the so-called serious Republicans have decided that that’s who they are, too.

And from that day in 2015 to right now, here we are.


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  1. A pathological serial liar accusing Kelly of lying…not that Kelly is some kind of saint…but this is rich. Given all the ways Trump has shit on the military and his ongoing treason, this is one time Kelly tells the truth. Not that it matters to tens of millions of nazi supporters hiding behind a flag they neither fought for or know anything about.

  2. “They are both masters at exploitation of the stupid in America.”

    And there’s more than enough stupid people in America – look at the polling for the fraudster felon rapist Trump.

  3. I’m sure that Jar-jar wouldn’t consider the money spent on his little scheme was money wasted as I’m sure much of it went in his pocket.

  4. Every. Single. Republican. In Congress is complicit in this. If tRump is returned to the White House, each of them is responsible for putting him there. Our democracy will collapse because of their failure to stand up to this lunatic and say NO!


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