I daresay that this TIME Magazine cover is not going to grace the hallways of the golf facility at Mar-a-Lago.

The irony here is that this is an accurate portrayal of what Joe Biden walked into, whereas Donald Trump’s parting shot at his last pep rally/departure on Air Force One was to claim that “they have the foundation to do something really spectacular. And again, we put it in a position like it’s never been before, despite the worst plague to hit since, I guess you’d say, 1917.” He’s right that he put the government “in a position like it’s never been before.” I’ll go along with that. And the last pandemic was from 1918 to 1920, but Trump can’t get it. He’s unteachable, but you knew that.

And of course Marco Rubio didn’t wait to get his two cents in. He said that Biden has “failed to unify the country.” Dude, he took office Wednesday afternoon and it’s Friday morning. And Rubio isn’t the only one with a warped time sense. Sean Hannity was talking about Biden’s “disastrous first week.” Weeks are now measured as being 36 hours long, and nobody told me? So that means days are five hours long? Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Trump world is a different planet, we’ve all said that.

Kudos to TIME Magazine for its ongoing memorialization of the issues of our time through art. This picture is worth a thousand words and then some.

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  1. Ah, I’m not worried. Uncle Joe knew what he was getting into, at least in the broad strokes. The last two days have proven he knows how little time there is to waste.

  2. Time does seem to be moving faster and faster all of the time, especially when I think about the times of the past which were yesterday but seem to have been time immortal or something. Or, maybe that was just last week.

  3. I don’t know which one is the most stupid , they are already starting their shit and Joe hasn’t been in office but 3 days. Republicans need to be more careful who they put in office .

    • They shouldn’t add to President Biden’s stress. Keep it up boys & you will assist the first woman becoming president. President Kamala Harris sound good? Be very nice to Joe.


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