Another Friday, another episode of This Week In The Republican Party. This is my favorite ongoing feature from the Lincoln Project and lord knows they have no lack of material from which to cobble something together each week. The hard part is figuring out which jewels to omit because they won’t all fit into sixty seconds. Trump’s dementia is highlighted. How could it not be? And while this year of all election years is impossible to predict, due to all the variables of the court cases, the SCOTUS ruling, Trump’s financial situation and his imminent takeover of the RNC coffers, one thing is perfectly predictable: Trump will get crazier still. This is where he is right now, this week.

CPAC made for some stellar moments as CPAC always does, with Melania/Mercedes revving up the laugh-o-meter and then Trump revving it up some more when he melted down and informed us all that we had lousy senses of humor and didn’t understand that he would “interject” things for “sarcasm” reasons.

Get ready for more. It’s going to be a non stop rain/reign of madness and malapropisms. Because for once, Stephen Miller is spot on: There is indeed “something really wrong with the conservative brain.” We couldn’t agree more.

I wonder if Miller hears the irony? Most likely not. Here’s another mash up of CPAC jewels. And before you watch this clown show, remind yourself, CPAC used to be a respectable conclave of conservative thinking. It was a think tank, it was a showcase where the best columnists and commentators would talk with politicians and there was some intellectual muscle up on stage. This is what there is right now.

There were good writers who used to show up at CPAC. This was before the likes of Jennifer Rubin, Charlie Sykes and Mona Charen all became Never Trumpers.

To think that in those days we actually thought we had “differences.” Oh yes, we did and they were not insubstantial. And we still have those same differences. But now we’re not just trying to enforce reproductive rights or fair taxation, now we’re trying to establish at baseline whether we are a democracy or an autocracy.

We’ve never been in this kind of a position before. Even Liz Cheney, who voted for Trump twice (once I can forgive her, she was following the party line, twice never) says that if Trump returns to office he will never leave.

The problem is that the GOP opened Pandora’s box. They knew who and what Trump was. Many Republicans opposed him in the beginning and then became his lapdogs, such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Lindsey Graham. The GOP got into this condition because there was a vacuum of leadership and nature abhors a vacuum and so in rushed Donald Trump, like the fool that rushes in where angels fear to tread. Never was there a more apt metaphor than that one.

And they still can’t quit Trump. That is the true tragedy. They had two chances to remove him from office but they didn’t have the guts. And what has been their pay for this? Three lost elections in a row, most notably the 2022 midterm which as supposed to be a “red wave” remember that, and turned out to be a pink trickle, if even.

They’re on track to lose 2024 as well, not just the White House but the House and the Senate is up for grabs due to the map but don’t count it gone just yet. Again, and I will say this every week, at least, until Election Day 2024, there are too many variables to be conclusive at any point.

And the variables keep growing variables as the days go by. McConnell announcing his resignation just threw a monkey wrench into the Senate debate. But it was understandable why Mitch did it. He sees the MAGA madness for what it is. He may even see to the other side of it and a Republican future that he doesn’t want to be a part of. He probably jumped ship at the right moment. McConnell left the GOP, what’s left of it, to the “looneys” the Marjorie Taylor Greenes and the newbies, the ineffectual and woefully inadequate Mike Johnson.

It’s going to be a wild ride until November. Disneyland is nothing compared to where we’re going. Let’s hope the guardrails hold.



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  1. It’s not broken…it’s what we call evil. It’s recorded in the oldest known writings from the Sumerians, the oldest known civilization from 5000 years ago. The latest version is known as authoritarianism, which is the government in a number of countries. Our version is called the republican party. The only thing in their way is one more election in November. VOTE!

  2. One thing I think needs to be done in January 2025: when congress does it’s little thing and the republican led house, and on that day in early January they will still be the majority, tries to fuck us, we had better be there in D.C. (peacefully but implacable….and immovable) in larger numbers than the J6 idiots in 21 and larger than what magats might show up that day. The republicans need to realize that if they try to steal this election, and it is highly likely they will, we will surround their asses and they will not safely leave the premises. Perhaps that will convince a few of the non-magats in congress to do the right thing to save their own asses if nothing else. The city of Washington D.C. needs to be taken over by hundreds of thousands of people who will keep the republicans in the house from trying to put the moron back in the oval. Maybe more than just hundreds of thousands.


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