I can’t decide if Kari Lake really believes this claim and is just deluded, if she is a craven liar, or coup coup for Cocoa Puffs but, whatever the case she told her supporters at Mar-A-Lago that she won the November election for Governor of Arizona by 400,000 to 500,000 votes and her lawsuit to overturn it, which has been almost universally panned is the “strongest lawsuit ever”…

“Kari Lake’s trial is over. The Big Reveal about Arizona’s election is, well… revealed.

Turns out there was no bombshell evidence proving that some nefarious soul over at Maricopa County schemed up a plan to rob Lake of victory.

There wasn’t even a small firecracker. Not even a party popper…

If Lake had proof of a county plot to deny her her due, it certainly wasn’t offered up this week.

Opinion, speculation and outright wishful thinking? Yeah.

But actual evidence in a courtroom? No.“

Watch Kari speak to her supporter and you tell me which one of the three choices I offered is correct:

Myles votes deluded:



You and me both, spud.




Isn’t it tho.





Oh, how I long for that simpler time when pols at least tried to make their lies halfway believable and did not so blatantly demonstrate their complete disregard of the voter’s’ intelligence.

This is where the MAGA movement has taken us, to a place where no crock of BS is too foul smelling to offer up and no whopper to big to tell.

Thanks, MAGAats…

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  1. God I wish the girls in my high school were this easy to convince of tall tales…I might have gotten laid! Damnit. Oh wait…I wasn’t a jock & I didn’t drive a muscle car. I stood no chance. But with kari…I might have, and as long as she kept her mouth shut, it might have been tolerable. Nah. I would have felt dirty afterward. Like I do when I hear her speak.

    • Oh, please. By all accounts, she only got on the Crazy Train (sorry, Ozzy) back around 2016 or so. You would’ve probably had that chance with her before then. Whether you would’ve enjoyed the time (or whether she would’ve enjoyed it) is a whole other thing.

  2. I love the logic – “half a million people didn’t bother to vote so I’m entitled to claim they would have voted for me, so I’m claiming the non-voting votes”


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