Did Someone Cut Junior’s Blow With PCP? Or, This Is ‘Normal’ For Him?


This remake of 300 sucks.

Moog has some of the good stuff too.

Good point.


And, last, but certainly not least…

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  1. One of the twitter people sort of alluded to the thought that came into my head – which was wondering what Kymberly’s reaction was to him photoshopping in AOC’s head instead of hers! Instead of Lucy, it just might be little Donnie Jr. that has some “splaining” to do.

  2. Did anyone let him know that, in any combat, the other guy can (and does) hit back.

    They don’t tie him up or stick him in a cage to be attacked – he is allowed to inflict damage on the attacker.

    Sorry, Donny baby, you wouldn’t last the length of time it takes to snort a line of a strange white powder

    • He’s a total wimp. I think that’s why he goes on the fake safaris so he can feel like a man. It’s all staged. Junior can’t win in any kind of a fair fight because he doesn’t have what it takes. I think that’s why he gets loaded, again, to feel powerful.

      • They never expect a solid comment from this waste of air … He is still a feather in a tornado … He has no connection with reality left in him …

        Like his worthless idiot dad, stumbling through each day, claiming great knowledge and wisdom and yet, they don’t know anything or give any credit to others where due …

        I’m beginning to think both of these turds are seeing the black shades being drawn down by the 06 committee and other units of punishment’s like hungry judges and courts, not to mention the decay of Trump’s Republican supporters as witnesses to his depravity coming forward with eyewitness accounts …

        The world of Trump is shattered beyond repair … his continued ranting at disintegrating crowds of rabid admirers, has left him stunned and in shock that they are NOT showing up for his grand performances … The truth of HIS attack on our Capitol is beginning to seep through his clouds of lies, with more and more Republicans getting pink slips, at a time when they need to be free and clear for reelection … Poof !! There goes the Trump fiasco …

        Once again, setting up popcorn with liquid reinforcement, for the circus is once more coming to town …


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