It would appear that the last place somebody is safe from COVID-19 is the White House, but thankfully the people there now, unlike the previous occupants, are on top of the situation and taking precautions. Here’s Jen Psaki’s statement issued Sunday afternoon.

Lots of warm and fuzzy feelings from us here at PZ, Jen.

At least people in the Biden administration are sane enough to get vaccinated or Jen Psaki could find herself in the situation a lot of women do, of looking at leaving their children motherless. With the vaccine, she is probably just looking at light symptoms.

The tragedy of COVID-19 is not the virus itself and what it can do. As debilitating as it is, that’s the least of it. Rather, it is the disinformation and sheer reckless stupidity with which the right-wing has reacted and turned a global pandemic into a badge of tribal identity that is the true killer virus. That is what is causing so much needless suffering and so many deaths.

On a personal note, I really admire Jen Psaki. She’s one of those rare people you occasionally see in life who radiates a certain tranquil beauty derived from the fact that she’s got her act so together. She’s not only a hyper-informed communications professional, she’s acutely attuned to the culture war and she handles herself more admirably than 90% of Congress. That says a lot about them and it says a lot about her.

If you compare the Biden administration to a TV show, (and I’m sooo tired of comparing a presidential administration to a TV show, obviously) but this is applicable, Jen Psaki clearly is the break out star of the season. Biden, or whomever made the decision to hire her, made a great choice.

God speed, Ms. Psaki.


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  1. I’m not sure how old her kids are but I assume school age. And until just this past week too young to be vaccinated. Makes you wonder about the adults who refused vaccination and infected their kids, who in turn affect her kids and so on. Since they do take practical precautions at the WH exposure to someone infected is rather limited and time of exposure is a factor on someone, especially if they’ve been vaccinated picking up the virus. So most likely she got it from her kids. And, as I said her kids got it because of ASSHOLE adults.

    I do so hope she will have a mild case and be back on the job slapping down Doouchey (yes, the misspelling was intentional!) soon. If memory serves she plans to step down after the first of the year so each press conference where he does Kevin Bacon in Animal House (thank you sir – may I have another?) is a treat and all too soon the time will come when we have to rely on re-runs.

    • My wife and I are both concerned for her recovery, as she has proven herself time and again to have the ability to squash any message from Trump or his supporters … her smooth take down of, reporter plants in videos is so cool and like Ursula says, her preparation is SO GOOD …

      Biden NEEDS her, especially now, she can cap off any rumblings from a primed reporter, asking tough questions …

      Nothing but good luck for Jen from us …

  2. Wishing Ms. Psaki all he best! Its too bad that the RWQNJs have made not masking and not getting vaccinated a political statement. Covid don’t care about politics…but it CAN fix stupid!

  3. Unbelievably smart. Always on point & swats the ball back even harder when idiots try to trip her up. Just remember the lying, sweaty, dancer Spicer & the Christian hypocrite who always acted indignant when caught in lies. Then there was the brainless cheerleader. They couldn’t handle the truth even avoiding the press. I wish she would stay the whole administration.

  4. Hoping for a speedy recovery from the mildest of symptoms! Jen, we all see you as a potent force for the good of our country, and deeply appreciate your civic service!

  5. I hope she recovers fast with no after affects like some have. She is a jewel, and has proven herself to be so mature compared to those in the last administration, not to mention so smart. She is a superb speaker. I hope those in her family will also fare well.


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