Joe Biden issuing requests to 11 Trump-era appointees to resign or be fired from various military academy advisory boards was the stone that knocked over the hornet’s nest. Kellyanne Conway was one of the 11 and she came out buzzing a few hours ago, telling Biden that he’s the one who should resign.

Then, at the stroke of 6:00 p.m. when Sean Spicer’s term was over as advisor to the Naval Academy board, he appeared on Newsmax, hopping mad. I had forgotten how I can’t stand the sound of this man’s voice.

Try to bear 4:33 if you can because it actually does get comical as Spicey tells everybody how mad he is and how wrong Joe Biden is and how Trump didn’t fire any of Obama’s appointees, and  how he never mentioned a former press secretary before but Jen Psaki did and so on and so forth. It is worth the listen, because it’s a crack up to hear Spicer with his pissed off chipmunk delivery try to sound important. The last time I laughed this hard at Spicey was when he lost the aircraft carrier.

The threat of legal action is for dramatic effect. An appointee serves at the pleasure of the president. But let him find a statute in employment law that covers this, that would be highly amusing. Maybe he can get Alan Dershowitz to argue that his constitutional rights have been violated.

I wonder why, if there’s an avenue for legal relief here, James Comey, Sally Yates, Alexander Vindman and others didn’t go ahead and pursue it? And those were a lot more substantive and controversial terminations than this chicken scratch.

Maybe this will refresh Sean’s recollection.

Remember this?

With stunts like this, I’m surprised Spicer was only a press secretary. I’m surprised Trump didn’t make him U.N. Ambassador. Or, maybe ambassador to one of those “shithole” countries.

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  1. That shirt.. As appallingly ugly as it is, and as much as it hurts the eyes to see it it’s perhaps the one good thing Spicer did in his life. That color being beamed into space will cause any aliens who might want to take over our planet to have their own “OMFG – stay the fuck away from a planet that has THAT on it” and look for somewhere else to take over. Of course, it might also prevent a benevolent, helpful set of aliens from coming here too. I never have seen an episode of Dancing With the Stars. Just seeing commercial promos and clips like this are bad enough. This is the second worst that comes to mind. (The worst is the one of Tom Delay shaking his butt)

  2. Hard pass on watching the video, because I haven’t forgotten how I feel about his voice, lol. But I will go watch an SNL skit w Melissa McCartney playing Spicey, lol.

  3. That suit’s going nowhere. There’s nothing in the law that says you’re guaranteed a full term for that appointment. He might also want to remember that his ex-boss was big on firing people just because he felt like it.

    • Well, OBVIOUSLY that was different. I mean, it’s always been that way. As Cyndi Lauper put it in her 2008 song, “Same Ol’ Story”: “It’s the same ol’ f***ing story, with your two different sets of rules; same ol’ f***ing story, one for me, two for you.”


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