It’s not surprising that Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani met and became buddies in New York back in the day. They’re cut from the same bolt of cloth. They’ll do anything for a buck. The pursuit of profit motivates them more than anything else and to that end, no holds are barred. And they both gravitated to politics for the same reason, because the possibilities for grift are endless.

It’s intriguing that Giuliani has chosen to get into the coffee business. The obvious questions are two: Why coffee? and Where is he getting the money for this? Not being in the coffee business or knowing anything about it, I have no idea how much it costs to go into the coffee business. And actually I have a third question: Did he buy his coffee business from Mike Lindell? Remember that was Lindell’s salvation, the thing that was going to recapitalize him a few months back? Evidently Lindell Coffee is not a booming concern, plus Lindell lost another retailer the other day and is selling his percale sheets at a low low price if you want to take advantage of his Memorial Day sale. (Oh, and Team Trump is humbly commemorating the lives of the men and women who served our country by selling their junk on sale, plus Melania put out a new necklace, you’ll be elated to know.)

Back to Rudy, here he is touting the virtues of his beans in his factory with all the style of a master vintner from the old country talking about the bouquet, the aftertaste, the body, the lower notes, the upper notes, the very land itself from which the grapes spring. I have greatly enjoyed hearing real vintners share these stories and Rudy is doing a satire of these actual craftsmen, whether he realizes it or not. Nobody knows how he’s financing this shebang and to hear him talk like an expert about a business he entered last week or so, is really something.

More questions: 1. Has Rudy paid off that $148 million judgment to two election workers he defamed, Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman? 2. If not, why does he have money to go into a new business without paying his judgments? 3. Or is the coffee business supposed to achieve that for him?

And don’t forget, Rudy’s legal problems just escalated. He was celebrating his 80th birthday a few days ago when a process server showed up. The attorney general of the State of Arizona is bringing justice to Rudy for interfering in that state’s election process. Defending that suit won’t be cheap and it won’t be quick.

I would seriously love to see some business paperwork on this. Is this an LLC, or a sole proprietorship or it’s a company soon to go public, or just how is Rudy doing this? My spidey sense tells me that this is a photo op and the guy who said it’s a privately labeled coffee from a local producer is spot on.

Just like his buddy Donald, Rudy loves to put on the dog. Anybody want to bet that George Santos is the next guy to go into the coffee business? There’s a pattern here: Lies and grifting, getting caught, going under, doing Cameo spots and then voila, selling one’s special brand of coffee.

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  1. Let’s see…….* sniff*……other than coffee……*sniff*……. what product are Columbia and Brazil best known for???

    *sniff*……no……don’t tell me….*sniff*…….it’ll come to me……*sniff*

  2. Don the Con gave him the secret recipe for covfefe. It probably includes the Robusta bean which is described as ‘woody and nutty’

  3. Mikey Reid, a commenter on X, said that Giuliani missed a brilliant marketing slogan: “Make every morning a Rudy awakening!” 👏 But, as usual, Rudy is the one getting the rude awakening. He, the Burke Company that makes his coffee, his debtor entities, and various related debtors were slapped with a subpoena as part of an investigation. When you have declared bankruptcy, everything you do for money is under intense scrutiny. In this instance, the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Rudolph W. Giuliani wants to know every aboveboard and under-the-table penny Rudy is getting in this coffee grift! 🔍 I love that one of the related debtors named in the subpoena is Rudy’s attorney, Robert Costello, who just made such an ass of himself as Trump’s defense witness that he may be the deciding factor in how much prison time the Snoring Mango gets!! 🤣


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