More performance theater. Okay. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Donald Trump is posting a three-page letter (four, if you count all the cc’s) from *Dr.* Ronny Jackson addressed to both Joe Biden and to Biden’s White House physician. The letter demands, not requests but demands, that President Biden submit to a blood test in order to determine whether he is taking Performance Enhancing Drugs in his daily role as Commander In Chief, or specifically right now, the week of the debate with Donald Trump.

Wow. What an epistle. This is certainly another elevator plunge downwards culturally. I am sure that President Biden will have no problems with his own Person, Woman, Man, Camera TV and also that he can tell the difference between a giraffe and an elephant. This is batshit. This is so utterly beyond the pale as to describe description.

Can Joe Biden comply with this “demand” even if he wants to? I honestly don’t know how long it takes to get lab results. Although I’m sure he can do the cognitive exam from the Oval Office.

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  1. The voters demand Dr.’Johnson’ be polygraphed as to whom he gave his river of pills to.
    ‘goddamn the pusher man’! Steppenwolf

  2. If the image is from trump’s test, it looks like he had some trouble and failed at least one question (draw the cube). I wonder who administered the test and who evaluated it?

    • hmmmmm, could it be…..dr. jackson/johnson/dumb-ass? Not sure any more which name he goes by so all three are probably acceptable.

  3. Who does dr. dumb-ass think he is and why on earth would anyone, probably himself included, feel the need to do anything he says/asks/order? I have no problem with both of the debaters doing a drug test. There is one caveat: it needs to be performed/tested by an independent lab-preferably one that is trusted by industry and government. It must be BOTH candidates and I think we all know who isn’t going to get poked and/or pee in a cup and it ain’t President Biden.

    I’ve thought all along that President Biden needs to tell these idiots that he’s ready to wee and bleed–it will scare the fucking cowards to death…hopefully literally. The pubes don’t want Von Shitzinpants’ list of Rx’s to be discovered because there is either an ADHD med in the mix and/or one for Alzheimer’s. I notice all of the calling for this drug test is aimed at President Biden–none aimed at Von Shitzi. I suspect that even if both candidates were required to test in order to debate, Von Shitzi would bail so fast it’d blow roofs off of homes.

    Once again I am forced to ask: why would anyone vote for these cowardly dumb-fucks ‘pubes/magats? What is wrong with these people?

      • Von Schitzenpantz will likely only submit to a drug test administered by “Doc Johnson”…..

        (I wonder if he’s confusing the name of the Texas Rep/former WH pill pusher with the prominent brand name of a line of sex toys)

    • One other requirement for the urine test: It must be done in front of the doctor so that dfg cannot substitute “clean” urine in the bathroom. (Although he might have trouble finding anyone to provide a clean sample.)

  4. C’mon Man! These are world leader(s) here. Just roll out a world map without the country names and find out who knows our allies from our enemies. I’m guessing the guy with a little over half his life in government politics would know.

  5. Ursula, he also said he’d release his taxes, have an infrastructure plan and a really interesting plan for contraceptives in two weeks (I think that was about four weeks ago).

    to get to the point, wow. what a letter, and single spaced. there are only two ways this makes sense. first, Jackson genuinely believes all the crap he has spewed about Trump’s physical and mental condition. if so then this is yet another look into the mind of a cult member. some of them aren’t really cult members they’re just along for their own purposes (Bannon, miller). the second possibility is that he’s a true moron not considering the consequences this could have for his guy.


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