If they held a contest for “most adamant anti-vaxxer in government” Ron DeSantis would win it hands down. He let beaches in Florida remain open in 2020 when Donald Trump was sashaying about saying, “It will disappear. One day, like a miracle, it will be gone.” COVID denial is a religion in Florida and DeSantis is the high priest.

The Omicron variant has gone raging through the state, naturally, and since the governor has been missing basically for the past two weeks, speculation is that he may have it. Or something. Newsweek:

Critics of the Republican governor have accused him of being “Missing in Action (MIA)” as Florida has set new daily records for new COVID infections four times since December 23.

DeSantis last held a press briefing about the pandemic on December 17 and photos of the governor shared to social media have raised questions.

DeSantis’ official Twitter account has recently shared photos of him that were apparently taken several days earlier without noting the fact. On Tuesday, DeSantis’ account posted a photo that had been taken 12 days earlier—a fact later confirmed to MSNBC by the governor’s office.

On Thursday, DeSantis’ Twitter account shared a photo of him at Bagelicious Deli & Bakery in Ocala, Florida. Grant Stern, executive director of Occupy Democrats, pointed to a December 17 Facebook post from Bagelicious Deli & Bakery featuring that same photo.

“Ron DeSantis is still living in December 17th. #WhereIsRon,” Stern wrote.

Critics have accused DeSantis of being MIA as Florida grapples with a rise in COVID-19 cases. On Thursday, the state reported 58,013 new cases, setting a new daily record. The total number of cases in the state throughout the entire pandemic has now surpassed 4 million.

People do whale watches. Maybe we should station a group of people to watch for DeSantis.

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  1. Increasingly, DeathSantis reminds me of ANOTHER governor circa 1902, Louis Mouttet of the Caribbean island of Martinique. In his case, he was dealing with the likes of the local volcano, Mount Pelee. Or rather, WASN’T dealing with it, since its inconvenient belchings of smoke and fire coincided with election season. Despite being head of the “Progressive Party” Mouttet did everything he could to rewrite reality–downplayed news stories via working the newspaper editor, kept citizens cooped up with roadblocks, suppressed telegram warnings of the eruption. All in the name of staving off “a state of false fear and pessimism.” The dumbass even showed up at the capitol of Saint-Pierre three days before the election to reassure everyone nothing was wrong.

    You can probably guess where this is going. The morning after the governor arrived, Pelee cut loose at around 8 AM. The gas and ash, heated up to over 1000 degrees centigrade, killed 30,000 people, Mouttet included, in less than a couple minutes. There were only two survivors.

    So yeah, I can buy DeathSantis getting a bad case of Omicron.


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