This is an interesting little bombshell to drop out of the sky on a Wednesday morning. Roger Stone is busy calling the pilot of Jeffrey Epstein’s plane a liar. Stone claims Trump never flew on that plane. QAnon is in debates over whether Trump did or did not go to Epstein’s island on the Lolita Express. The divergence of opinion there is that Trump was too fine to engage with pedophiles vs. he went to meet the pedophiles first hand as part of his plan to destroy them. And now there’s this. CNBC:

A woman who says she was sexually abused by late sex criminal and financier Jeffrey Epstein and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell testified Wednesday that Epstein took her to meet Donald Trump at his Florida club when she was 14 years old.

The woman, in testimony at Maxwell’s federal sex crimes trial, did not allege any improper conduct by Trump when she met him at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Nor did the woman characterize what happened at that meeting, which she confirmed under cross-examination by Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

But the woman, who was testifying under the pseudonym “Jane,” also said she had competed in the 1998 Miss Teen USA beauty pageant, an event associated with Trump.

A spokeswoman for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I suppose Trump just invited her by to chit chat, right? He enjoye talking to 14-year-olds just as a matter of course, maybe?

“Mr. Epstein introduced you to Donald Trump, correct?” Menninger asked.

Jane replied, “Yes.”

Jane said Epstein took her to Mar-a-Lago in a dark green car.

Maybe she was there as one of the beauty contestants that Trump and Epstein liked to invite over.

The New York Times in 2019 reported that in 1992, a Florida businessman at Trump’s request had organized a “calendar girl” competition at Mar-a-Lago.

“I arranged to have some contestants fly in,” the businessman, George Houraney, told the Times.

“At the very first party, I said, ‘Who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming.’ It was him [Trump] and Epstein.”

“I said, ‘Donald, this is supposed to be a party with V.I.P.s. You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein?’” Houraney recalled.

Here is Roger Stone kicking in his two cents to defend Trump.

And here’s the dialogue from QAnon, reported by Newsweek:

User BrunoBarks, who has more than 7,400 subscribers, posted: “So, the pilot in the Ghislaine Maxwell case has fingered Trump as being a passenger on Epstein’s Lolita Express.

“‘Trump lied and is guilty’, leftist Twitter is gleefully exclaiming. They jump the shark. Again. I challenge you to find anywhere where Trump directly denies flying with Epstein. Instead? We can find a quote from Trump irritated at Epstein who is going to fly on the Trump plane.

“All this does is to get more leftists’ eyes on the trial and they will soon see who is really guilty. Remember that in any sting operation, one must needs get close to the target scum bag being set up.”

The comment was later amplified by John Sabal, known as QAnon John, who shared it with his 73,500-strong following on Telegram.

Sabal recently organized a convention for followers of the conspiracy theory, whose speakers included sitting Republican lawmakers.

In comments under Sabal’s forwarded post, many QAnon followers said they believed there was an explanation as to why Trump would fly with Epstein and questioned Visoski’s testimony.  […]

QAnon followers have followed developments in the Epstein and Maxwell cases, claiming they provide evidence not only of her alleged role in sex trafficking for the billionaire but also of their central belief—that there is a Satanic pedophile cabal made up of Democrats, celebrities and business owners.

Former President Trump is central to the QAnon narrative as followers believe he will expose this group to the world before its members are arrested and executed.

So Trump went there as an undercover agent, pretending to be interested in sex with children when in fact he was there to bust the people who thought that way. Or, he didn’t go there at all.

Stay tuned, this is going to get stranger.


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  1. Until one of these ladies actually accuses former guy, I fail to see how this is in any way news. The number of wealthy or famous people having some kind of connection with that perv would fill a very large book.

    WHEN someone in the courtroom mentions trump, clinton, or whoever diddled them when they were underage, then we have a newsworthy story.

  2. And I used to think Bachmann was the epitome of batshit lunacy. I was wrong. Every time I think they have reached the nadir of stupidity, racism, and misogyny they prove me incorrect. I think the y are taking it as a challenge.

    Interesting convolution. And prophetic, to say the least. Sounds like this idiot knew the DUMPF was going to run for prexy in 2016 and just had to get him set up with a sting waaaaay back in the 199os WOW! Well, I guess they can buy into that because this is the same crowd that bought into the idea that way back in 1961 the Honolulu Sar-Bulletins just knew that some “uppity black kid,” not even born there, but in KENYA, was someday gonna run for president as a “real American” and helped that little plot along by planting a teeny story about his being born in the USA.


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