If there is one family about which there is very little actual “news” it would be the Trumps. What’s that you say? They’re in the press 24/7, nonstop? Yes, indeed they are. You are correct. But with little to no “news” value, meaning that virtually every story about them is a retelling of, or a new spin on, a previous story. It’s the same story, different day.

Example: earlier today it was reported that Jared Kushner made the bestseller list the same way he got into Harvard — somebody paid for it. Forbes revealed that Daddy-in-Law paid $131,000 for books and then four days later, Kushner was a best selling author. Voila. The same thing happened when Don Junior published.

And speaking of Don Junior, Insider is reporting that a Trump Media & Technology Group executive reported that Junior “needs a bedtime story and some love.” There’s little doubt that that is true — again, from other stories we have seen.

Former President Donald Trump’s two adult sons wanted stakes in their father’s media company even though they were barely involved, according to one of the co-founders of Trump Media & Technology Group.

Will Wilkerson made the allegations about Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump in a story published by The Washington Post on Saturday. The story detailed accusations of infighting and potentially illegal activity at the company made by Wilkerson, who filed a whistleblower complaint to the SEC in August.

“They were coming in and asking for a handout,” Wilkerson said of Donald Jr. and Eric, according to the Post. “They had no bearing in this company … and they were taking equity away from hard-working individuals.” […]

Wilkerson provided the Post with materials he had given the SEC that he said proved his claims about the company. Among the materials was a log kept by Wilkerson and two other co-founders detailing their daily experiences at the company.

According to the Post, the log showed the three men weighed how to address the Trump family’s involvement in the business. One of the logs noted a person told them that Donald Jr. “needs a bedtime story and some love,” the outlet reported.

The man will be 45 years old on December 31st, yet even casual business acquaintances can sense this about him. If you haven’t basically grown up by age 45, I don’t know if you ever will. His cousin Mary said that Junior never grew up or became his own person because he didn’t want to stray too far from the money and the power. It would appear that this latest story of Truth Social is going to be more ratification of that premise.

As to the seemingly conflicting stories of Truth Social going under and also being “number one on the internet,” according to Trump, Sr., and selling its Android app to beat the band, what I can tell you is that the SEC is still investigating Truth Social. Wilkerson, the whistleblower, is cooperating with that investigation.

Truth Social has 513,000 active daily users, compared to Twitter’s reported active daily userbase of 217 million, according to Market Watch.

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  1. Jr. IS a bedtime story. The kind you tell your kids when they are being little shits and you want to impress upon them what can happen if they continue on the little shit path. Hell of a lot more of a teaching story than anything the Bros. Grimm came up with.

  2. He’s a pathetic mess, and any empathy you might be inclined to feel for him goes right out the window the moment he opens his hell-hole of a mouth. One of the most noxious little POS’s, and Eric’s worked hard to catch up with him on that score. One can only hope that somehow Baron comes out less scathed than his older bros.

  3. That family could keep a team of shrinks busy just seeing them separately and together for years. Of course, you cannot cure sociopaths.

  4. DJ Jr seems to be the scapegoat. Eric a little bit too. Yvanka is the Golden Child. DJ Jr scrambles to keep daddy happy. He knows what happens if he doesn’t. Hell to pay. DJ Jr also probably feels nothing he does is good enough. My mother was a narcissist (covert) while 45 is malignant. DJ Jr. LOVES the power his father has had and can possibly continue to have. He feeds at the teat of daddy’s $$ too.


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