The big unanswered question about the documentation which was removed two weeks ago from Mar-a-Lago is why. Why were the boxes of classified documents there?

One theory that has gained a lot of traction is that Donald Trump really believed that the documents were his to keep, as though being president was like a trip to Disneyland and you got to keep souvenirs that you bought or were given while there.

But Michael Cohen, who arguably knows Trump better than anybody in Trump world, better even than Mary Trump and she also consistently calls the shots well, has a theory. This first clip is 8:00.

Cohen’s argument is compelling. Yes, knowing Trump’s ego, it would make sense that he would want to have some impressive memorabilia on hand, such as a letter from Queen Elizabeth, to impress people.

But that does not explain the classified documents.

And I like the point Cohen makes about how “if that footage [of Mar-a-Lago when the search warrant was executed] was beneficial to him, it would have already been released.” I think that’s spot on. That is vintage Trump.

This second clip is good as well. It starts out with Cohen’s conclusion, “Donald Trump is a cult leader.” True enough. Baffling as hell, but that doesn’t make it any the less true. Clip runs 4:50.

Cohen wraps up by saying that there are plenty of simple things that prosecutors can get Trump on, such as income tax evasion. No doubt. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if Fani Willis could get him put away for election fraud?

As Cohen says, this is all about fundraising because “ninety cents out of every dollar is Trump’s to do whatever he wants with.” That begs the next question, which is will Trump announce his candidacy? It’s almost a moot point, because he has stepped up his fundraising and the midterm election is pretty much a referendum on him and not on Joe Biden, which is what the RNC was counting on.

That has yet to be revealed and it could make the current state of political turmoil even more chaotic, if that’s even possible.

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  1. He is the Michael Jordan,(sorry Michael. Being a tarheel, I mean he is the GOAT), of narcissism. He is incapable of considering anything or anyone outside himself. That’s what makes him so dangerous. He’d blow up the goddamn world if he seriously thought he was going down.

    • Since the only way he has ever won anything is by cheating, he probably figures everyone else does the same. The one who cheats the best is the winner.

  2. No, haven’t you heard this week’s GOP excuse?
    Trump took those documents to write his memiors.
    I swear, their excuses get dumber every time.


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