“General” Perry? Unless I dozed off and was dreaming, part of the testimony at today’s January 6 Committee Hearing included a report by one of the three witnesses that Jeffrey Clarke had referred to Scott Perry as General Perry. General of what, I am afraid to ask.

Ranks or nicknames aside, Scott Perry was one of several names mentioned as having asked for a pardon. That was towards the end of today’s hearing and well worth listening to.

Now the focus is going to shift to the people who asked for pardons.

Mattie got right on the airwaves to give his righteous argument, as well you would expect.

And the suspected pipe bomber asked as well.

And as you might well surmise, the denials began coming in at once.

Shameless, soulless lies, righto. Now what is obvious is where the battle lines are drawn. Let’s review:

  1. There are more hearings set for July, at least three that we know of at this time;
  2. We now have a list of congressmembers who asked for pardons;
  3. We have a terrific Trump quote, his best yet, “Just say the election was corrupt. Leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.” That, actually, might not be bad on his tombstone, what say you?
  4. Jeffrey Clark’s house was raided by the feds this morning and they took his electronic devices. Who knows what will be found on them?
  5. The likes of Marge Greene, Matt Gaetz, et al. know what they did. They don’t know what the Committee knows about what they did. Ergo, they’re going to be living in a kind of psychological sauna from now until all this is concluded;
  6. Payback’s a bitch.

If you missed the hearing today, it is available on the Committee’s website and Twitter is filled with clips of some of the best moments. Most memorable of all, for me, was listening to Jeffrey Rosen. He didn’t do a lot of public speaking when all this was going down in real time. I found him refreshingly articulate and engaging. I didn’t know what to expect before today. I knew at the time when Bill Barr resigned that Rosen inherited the hardest job in Washington. We found out exactly why that was today.

The other takeaway that was startling was how utterly unqualified Jeffrey Clark was and how that was universally acknowledged. That is a position I would never want to find myself in. The respect of one’s peers, in any field, is key. People may despise other people in a field but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect their abilities, particularly in politics. Richard Nixon comes to mind. He was hated but people still acknowledged that he was nobody’s fool and not to be taken lightly. Clark, on the other hand, has nobody’s respect — at least vis a vis becoming Attorney General of the United States. He may be a decent environmental lawyer, I wouldn’t know, but he was waaaay out over his skis in wanting to leap frog into a job that he was woefully inadequate to hold.

But you know what they say about fools and the speed at which they perambulate.

Keep on eye on the Clark raid and the pardon list. That’s where there’s going to be some fireworks, is my instinct of the moment.



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  1. Maybe since as Chevy Chase liked to remind everyone each week on the Weekend Update segment of SNL (for us old farts!) Generalissimo Franco valiantly persists in his efforts to remain dead Perry thought he might debark for Spain and take over for Franco! (Maybe Perry is Franco’s “love child?”)

  2. I think today’s hearings were especially damning for Gaetz. The fact that he asked for a blanket pardon “from the beginning of time up until today, for any and all things” while knowing he’s being investigated for both the January 6th insurrection as well as sex with a minor and child sex trafficking. His request just reeks of guilt.

  3. I wonder what, if anything, is going on with that pipe bomber thing. Seems like that is something you’d want to get a handle on very, very, quickly what with pipe bombs being potentially deadly. Doesn’t really matter who in the world it was, that person probably ought to be found.


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