Thank God the dust is starting to settle a bit. The media-created crisis of replacing Joe Biden at the 11th hour was beginning to get distressing. How could “they” have done it, pundits asked? How did “they” not know the optics of the situation and how badly it could all play out? How? Rachel Maddow has a great response to what we have all been grappling with the past week — but it’s not quite how you think. As always, the real jokers in this card game are the GOP.

The double standard here is simply incredible. Joe Biden has committed the unforgivable sin of living to be in his 80’s and that very thing somehow eclipses all of the actual crimes that Donald Trump has committed his entire life. But the optics of that are fine, we are told. Simply fine. And if those optics aren’t fine, just wait a minute: the Supreme Court will come along and put a spin on things in order to make it all be fine.

Biden is not the one seeking to be King or having the judiciary set things up so that he can be a dictator. Biden is the one endeavoring to keep our way of life for the past two and a half centuries going in the direction that it was designed to go. But OMG, he might have a senior moment along the way. He might not be pitch perfect at all times and so let’s all play the Red Queen now and demand off with his head and find a perfect replacement in the first week of July for an election going forward the first week of November. And as if that weren’t bad enough, let’s forget the man’s track record, including yet another booming stock market day, as we close down the markets and get ready to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

For reasons I will never understand, it’s not only okay if you’re a Republican, it’s totally okay if you’re Donald Trump. Whatever it is. Theft, fraud, rape, you name it. Even other Republicans have marveled at that state of affairs, that Trump easily gets away with things that would have sidelined anybody else in politics.

Maddow states the case well here. And this is the case that needs to be stated over and over again from now until November. Let us get a grip here. As Biden himself has said, and maybe he needs to say it every single day from now until November, “Don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative.”


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  1. Perhaps one of you brilliant writers could do a piece on what our country would look like under the orange menace and project 2025? Show how everyone, magats included, would be affected by these horrid policies. Tell everyone what we would all lose, be it Social Security, Medicare, SSID, Disability, SNAP, health insurance, etc. Maybe show the world that it would never be preferable to be living under the orange menace than under President Biden who has done so much for every American, regardless of political party. That might be interesting and you never know who will see it and perhaps run with it? Just a thought. You all do such wonderful work and I appreciate the effort it takes to do this every day!! Thank you!

  2. Yes, Rachel is right. However, rather than making the case for Biden, it makes the case for him to withdraw. The Orange Dictator must never be allowed near the Oval Office again. Yes, Biden has had a superb first term. But running on what he’s done is meaningless if he’s going to lose to a convicted felonious, uneducated moron. And my fear – and I’m not alone – is that he very well could. Our only hope is that 80 million plus voters turn out for Biden again. Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy.

  3. There’s always one nazi bastard lurking around hiding in the shadows like the cowards they are. Take your thumbs down and stick it up your ass!



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