All right, gang. Let’s be civil here. We’re not going to talk about how old and tired Donald Trump looks. No, we’re not catty gossips. We are people who get things done. So we’re going to take up a collection and send Trump a box case of Preparation H so that he can shrink those dreadful eye bags.

Sheesh. You would think that he would have thought of that for himself, or gotten the right cosmetics from Melania. Believe me, stuff is on the market to shrink eyebags. I have a tube of it myself that I use for state occasions like lunch on the Vegas Strip.  It’s pricey but to a billionaire, so what?

This also has come out of Mar-a-Lago. Evidently shit posting takes quite a toll. The top clip is now. The bottom one is Trump’s greatest gaffes and you’ve probably seen it. And this is who the GOP is staunchly defending, today and every day.

And the rumor mill is going full blast.

Speculation continues.

And here’s a glimpse of the near future.

Question: if he dies, would the GOP still put him on the ticket?


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    • I’m pretty sure the magats and qidiots would believe him to be alive somewhere just like their Kennedy nonsense. You can’t fix the kind of stupid infecting these people.

      • I kind of pictured him lying flat on his back with all limbs in the air like any other cockroach……other than that….

        • I did a satire once where Trump is like the guy who wakes up in that story by Kafka. Except he’s not really a cockroach, he just thinks he is. Let me see if I can find that.

      • Exactly! He’s had so much airtime for so long he is AI replaceable and who would notice? He can be stowed away, defenestrated, what have you. But he can be reproduced meticulously in this brave New World, and would never have to appear in public again to rule the day and the world. He gets by with a Little help from his friends. Nudge nudge,wink wink.

        • You know something? As insane as this situation has already gotten to, if Trump just had a hologram out there, it wouldn’t shock me all that much. I’m too numb at this point.

  1. I thought maybe he’s gotten liposuction for those bags under his face. But he really is pale, which is maybe why he’s doing videos in barely-lit rooms.

  2. The time for being civil is long past! It takes both parties in a discussion to be civil for that to work. We (the sane people) can be civil all we want, but all we will get is insulted and reviled by the (insane) MAGAts and Qnuts that make up the “republican party” these days. That is not a discussion, and will get us nowhere.

  3. The question now is: who will go first, Vlad or Donnie? I’m leaning toward Putin, but the puffy orange needle cushion seems to be catching up.

    • It’s rumored that Vlad has cancer. No idea if that’s true or not. The chances of us getting truth from that side of the world are slim to none.

  4. In the first photo, the one shown behind this article’s title, I find him unrecognizable – but it isn’t because of the pallor or the eye bags, it’s because the smile looks almost real.

  5. Well that first one appears to be some sort of celebration 🍾 but you don’t see Melaniea unless that’s her way back in the shadows. But you see Don jrs friend. Trying to be civil here. I don’t see any picture he looks good in. He can’t get any makeup people at mar a tardo.


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