The recent discussion concerning lowering income cutoffs for the next round of stimulus checks down to $50,000 per individual, heads of households $75,000 and married couples $100,000 is running into intense headwind, to put it mildly.

There are many many people who will not make the cut. It seems to be more rational to not worry whether the bandaid is too big, just get the bandaid out there.

Unless there’s some really compelling argument for the narrowed requirements, which I have not seen so far, I say don’t rock the vote. Help the people as promised.


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  1. My bet: it’s ginned-up BS because certain people miss being able to fight every day on the political battlefield. If it happens, then get upset. Until then, treat it like National Enquirer folderol.

    • his press secretary confirmed it was under consideration. How is that National Enquirer folderol?
      I didn’t even get half of the 600 because 2019 was the year I pulled money out of my IRA to put solar on the roof. One-time choice, now considered “my income” for all these calculations.
      I’m not hurting, really. But how many others have similar situations?

      • With all due respect, Nancy, you are surely familiar enough with political language to parse out the more likely meaning. As I said, it’s BS to mask the fact that it’s already been “considered” a bad idea and they’re going with the original plan of $1400 for everybody.

        I understand how four years of Trump broke everybody’s brain on how politics work. But everybody really needs to put that behind them. Joe operates on the old rules of the game. One of them is never tell your opponents what you are ACTUALLY going to do.

        • Good point. Funny how a person can walk away from a 4yr plane crash, then start bitching about everything, especially things that may happen.

  2. I’ve not gotten my second stim check. First one was quick. I’m at point of being behind on rent n bills I need to get paid.
    I Pray the second will get to me .. Urgently!!!
    .I receive retirement once a month. This has exhausted me greatly…
    Thank you..

    • Old habits are hard to break. Biden had better unlearn this nonsense, means testing and limiting benefits bound for people who desperately need them.

      • **eye roll** Get back to me when it actually happens, alright? This is likely a combo of disinformation and political positioning that has little to nothing to do with the actual plan.

  3. Let’s see. If u make 100,000/yr, u probably own ur home, condo, townhouse. U also prob have stocks, which have done well so 401k plans have gone up. Unless ur a gambling addict, u prob own cars, toys, assets. I have no prob ifu lost ur stuff, ur job, etc. However, the working poor, lower middle class etc have none of that stuff. I fully expect the well off to bitch about money. Screw the soothsayers who are so damn sure of everything. Thanks for the heads up about jan.6. Do all the good you can President Biden. Phuck the critics. They should be focused on tbe 199 traitors in the house, & the traitors in the senate, who are going to destroy ALL RESPECT FOR THE SO CALLED RULE OF LAW, by letting this armed insurrection pass.

  4. My brother only gets a little over $600. from social security every month and he never received the 600.00 stimulus. What’s the.hold up on the 1400. I security.too. we are barely and would like!!!

  5. But, its the Republicans who are pushing ideas to reduce the impact of the stimulus. All Biden has to do is hold the GOP responsible!

  6. I don’t understand what ever happened to robin hood Rob the rich and give to the poor. This country has gone to hell in a hand basket and we are the tidy bowl men/women and just going round and round in the big bowl of crap.

  7. My problem is what is considered middle working class. Were a very diverse large country. The cost of living is really useless in this emergency legislation.
    That said, dont,,,Read My Lips, dont go back on what you said, do it, the country approves.

  8. Biden lied when he told us definitely $2000, not $1400. Now they are trying to get people to believe their B.S. excuse that its $2000 minus the $600 Trump gave us. Doesn’t take much to figure out, they have money. They DO NOT have to worry about struggling for anything and basically couldn’t care less, about the American people. The longer they stretch out deciding whether or not to give us a third stimulus check, the less likely we will ever see one!!!

  9. I can not believe all the grettey ppl you no what if they did all the other stuff and didn’t give you anything then what i would be a happy camper if i even got close to $50.000 a year i am thankful for what ever i get


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